View Full Version : "lamotrigine for ADHD & Depression" 2014 Study

10-15-15, 09:03 PM

This is a link to a study that states the efficacy for comorbid ADHD and depression. It is interesting because many doctors have abandoned it as being no better than a placebo while others swear by it. Either way I just wanted to provide some useful info.

Hope it helps,


01-06-16, 10:32 PM
I didn't read the study but I have to say that I love your signature. I snipped a screenshot of it so I can remember it

08-03-16, 10:43 PM
It seems to have helped me a lot. Not with ADD per se, but combined with Abilify my mood is WAY better than it used to be. I also have a more positive outlook on life.

Thank you for the post.