View Full Version : 100 mg zoloft right off the bat?

10-16-15, 09:34 PM
I was diagnosed with adhd-pi and SAD, and have been prescribed vyvanse and zoloft. My concern is that I just picked up my prescriptions and the Zoloft is just 100 mg tablets to be taken once a day. I took this medication years ago (like 10 yrs) and I remember that there was some titration doses. Is it more common now to start off on a dose that high? I'm nervous! Thanks :)

10-16-15, 09:45 PM
Welcome to ADDF!

Yes, it is common (and recommended in the official prescribing information) to start with a lower dose (often 25 or 50mg) and titrate upwards if necessary.

By SAD, do you mean "social anxiety disorder" or "seasonal affective disorder"? (Both are sometimes abbreviated that way.)

For anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder, the official medication insert suggests a starting dose of 25mg/day, increasing to 50mg after a week (and upwards thereafter as needed to a final dose of up to 200mg/day if needed).

For major depression (which is the closest approved indication I could find to seasonal affective disorder), the recommended starting dose is 50mg.

Of course, those are the official recommendations, but individual doctors sometimes prescribe medication differently.

For both anxiety and depression, common maintenance doses were 50-200mg/day, though some people may need lower or higher doses.

If you're concerned about starting off with 100mg, you may want to call your doctor to ask if there's a rationale for starting at that dose, and if you think you'll feel more comfortable, to inquire whether you could start by taking half-pills (50mg) for the first week or so.

10-16-15, 10:19 PM
Thank you!! I'm sorry I should have been clearer, by SAD I mean social anxiety disorder. It's funny because I didn't believe my psychiatrist, but when I told my husband he was adamant that I do have social anxiety. Well ok then! I guess I'll listen to this guy :). Anyways thank you for your help. I'm always nervous about new meds and starting off without titrating seems strange to me. I'll probably call and see if I can split the tabs like you suggested. Thanks again!