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10-17-15, 10:05 AM

I have a 9 year old do with ADHD and ODD on 54mg of Concerta. I feel it works really well for him during the times the medication is active. In the evenings when it is wearing off I can tell he gets less focused and more hyper... Naturally. The real problem I am having is in the mornings before the Concerta kicks in. He wakes up a total bear every morning. He is uncooperative, impulsive, hyper, unfocused and can't accomplish simple tasks such as getting dressed or taking his pills! It is worse than any behavior we experience prior to medication. I have 3 kids and he needs 110% of my attention to get through the mornings. You can tell when his Concerta kicks in because it is like an instant light switch and he's a different kid. Is this a side effect of the Concerta? Is there such a thing as like withdrawl symptoms?

10-17-15, 12:54 PM
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I don't know your family, your routine, how long your son's medication is lasting in the evening, his sleep habits, etc...

But one possibility often used by adults in this situation is to have an extra alarm set, take their medication early enough to have it working, and then go back to sleep until it's really time to get up.

For your son and you, that might be nearly impossible to do, or a big help, or anywhere in between.

10-17-15, 02:27 PM
One possibility often used by adults in this situation is to have an extra alarm set, take their medication early enough to have it working, and then go back to sleep until it's really time to get up.

This worked for my brother and I when we were in school. If he's losing focus in the evenings, you could ask his psychiatrist to prescribe him a quick-acting stimulant along with the Concerta.

10-17-15, 06:01 PM
People with ADHD basically wake up drunk. If we are medication reliant, or a child, or both, it's even worse. Aside from giving him his first dose before wake up time, as suggested, try to have as much as everything set up the night before.
This will be good practice for when he's an adult with ADHD, we do much better if we can get into the habit of laying out our clothes, packing our lunch, prepping the coffee machine before bed. All that jazz.
Also routine is VERY important, especially in the morning. It's harder with kids, but if everything is in the same place and everything happens in the same order every morning, it will be a lot easier for him (and therefore you).
And hydrate him. It's amazing how much a difference having a glass of water or juice right after waking can make.

10-20-15, 02:58 AM
What everyone else said is super advice. The other things I wanted to share is to severely adjust your expectations. Adhd kids are 30% less mature than kids their age, I am bad at explaining this but if your son is 9, emotionally he may be operating as if he is six, at least with some things. I have three kids, my son is almost 20, daughters 15, 12. With my son, I had to break even the smallest things down into separate tasks. If I needed him to get dressed, wash up, brush his hair, put on shoes and come eat breakfast I would have to first say...
Go into the bathroom and use it and wash your face and brush your hair, then tell me when you are done"
Then "put on the jeans and shirt I gave you. The come put on your shoes"
Once he did those things then we moved onto breakfast and getting his bag ready. Always allow extra time and always break things down, Even if you think you cant possibly break it down more, try, You will save yourself a lot of headaches.

10-20-15, 03:58 AM
Consider that Concerta uses a release mechanism to achieve longer duration of medication coverage.

That same release mechanism also means the onset of action is somewhat delayed.

Drinking a full glass of water when taking the Concerta can help to lessen this delay,
but it will not eliminate it.

And I just want to add, some superb advice in this thread! :yes: