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10-18-15, 07:35 AM
Hello everyone,

I don't know where this post goes. Please feel free to move it to the right place.

I'm moving "house"
Now i say "house" because I live in accommodation provided by my place of work.
So it's really just a bed toilet and shower. It is a very very small space and people always say "Oh it must me so easy to keep clean". Yeahhh, no. It's not. I just have to turn around and it gets messy. It's tiny.

Anyway, my row that I live in has to move on Tuesday. (It's currently Sunday 9:30pm ish QLD). They told us on Friday afternoon, as in 2 days ago. I couldn't get time off work because it's to short notice to move everyone on the roster around.

Let me just say I suck at packing.
My approach to packing is to try an sort and pack everything, all at once.
Even though I know it's a terrible idea and won't work. :doh:
I'm currently sitting on my floor surrounded by stuff.
I have so much stuff, and I don't know how to fix it and pack it.

I am trying to declutter, I really am.
But I need help, not judgement which is why when my boss offered to help (she is super super clean and super super organised), I Half lied to her and said it was going better then expected...
I can't let her see this.:faint:
I do okay for a while, but then I get tired, or distracted by a book or bag or anything.

I have been so focused on this I haven't cooked anything all weekend.

Being an adult is hard..

um... help?


10-18-15, 08:21 AM
Moving house is a great opportunity to declutter but if you are short on time (and 2 days notice to move is crazy), then I'd stuff everything you have in suitcases, or even bin liners or duvet covers and declutter in your new house.

Or if you really want to make a start on the decluttering so you don't have to transport a lot of unwanted junk then maybe give yourself a deadline. You know start decluttering in one corner of the roim and work your way across the room. Anything that you haven't done yet by tomorrow just stuff it in a huge, thick bin liner and take it with you. (And don't forget to organise transportation on are you going to take all your stuff? How you pack light depend on that as well).

10-18-15, 08:37 AM

Luckily I don't have to move too far.
The other block is like 200m away.

It's just the logistics of it all.
We get our new keys Tuesday and have till 10am Thursday to move our stuff, clean our old room and get the old key back to them.

I can't talk to the housing people because I know them. They'll say, "You've got 48 hours, thats heaps of time".

I don't really have 48 hours though.
I have 16 hours
I work 8 hours a day, and I 'should' be sleeping 8 hours a night.
So we do some maths... 8+8+8+8=32 48-32=16
and that isn't factoring in travel time to and from work, cooking, eating, showering.

Sorry it's late and I ranted.. sorry

10-18-15, 08:49 AM
Moving house is a pain. I think it's unacceptable they expect you to this with so little notice. It's tough even for non-adhders.

Anyway, try and make a plan, with lots of deadlines oof the aort "if I haven't finished this by - I' clock, I'm going to move to the next task.".

Again, bin liners (refuse sacks or whatever you call them) and duvet covers... Or suitcases. Boxes take longer to pack, because you need to tape them and make sure they hold and Wong open up, etc.

Probably by tomorrow evening or latest very, very early Tuesday morning you should finish packing and start cleaning. For example, if you know that cleaning your current place will take 3h then start cleaning latest by 6am so that will give you 1h to exchange keys and move your stuff. (As an example. I mean, it might help to work backwards from Tuesday 10am.)

Good luck. I hate moving house. Rant as much as you need to but don't let addf interfere with your work.

10-18-15, 09:12 AM
Thank you for being so lovely.
and i call them bin liners... they line the bin...

There is just nowhere to put my stuff that i have packed excepted outside and thats gross, it rains out there.
sigh.. it's getting late (11pmish).
I should go to bed... except my bed is covered in everything; sandals, 1 boxed roll of tinfoil, 2 unopenned cartons of UHT lactose free milk, clothes, pens, a packet of marshmallows (literally the extent of my food this weekend), my PJs are in there somewhere.....

10-18-15, 09:52 AM
I agree with fuzzy12. Two days is very little time so don't think about decluttering while you pack. Do that after you have moved. Make sure your garbage bags won't tear by putting lighter, not sharp things in them and doubling on the bags when needed.

When you unpack, I recommend asking yourself if you really need each item you unpack. If you don't think you need it, don't unbox it. Try living without for a month or two and then if you don't miss it, just bring the box to good will or eBay it.

I live in a very small place too with only a bedroom, great room, and bathroom. Place is hotel room clean now. Reason isn't that I'm such a clean person - I absolutely am not. It's cause I have very little stuff. And I do find that smaller places get messy looking fast but also are fast to clean when you don't have much of anything.

10-18-15, 10:18 AM

Even though my room is tiny i like it.
I don't have to share which for me is a bonus.
When i first moved to this job I didn't live here i lived in bigger accommodation and I shared not great but ok I guess. That place however had storage. Draws, cupboards etc.
They moved me to where I am now because at the time I didn't have a room mate and they needed my room for a couple.
So I had to much stuff for this room when I moved here.
and I decluttered before that move as well.
I wish they had put me in this accommodation when I first got the job.
I wouldn't have 3/4 of this stuff.
sigh... hmmm food...

The later in the night it gets the rantier I seem to become. However that could just be hunger.
Time to make microwave pasta..

10-18-15, 10:42 AM
Stop packing and watch the rugby match :D

(On second thoughts.. No actually don't..:scratch:)

Can't you put all packed bags in a corner of the room and only carry them outside when you are actually moving? Also, won't you get the keys to the new place before you have to give up the keys to the old place?

Good call acdv on sharp and heavy stuff!! Duvet covers are great packing devices for that reason as well..