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10-19-15, 04:21 PM
Hi all,

I'm new here and just reading and reading. My son (age 9) was diagnosed with ADHD two weeks ago and during intake I authorized the school to have access to records and for them to talk to my child's teachers because I thought it was a good thing and would help. Now I'm reading and found out I should have done the opposite? I'm horrified and now I feel I'm not protecting my child! What can I do to reverse this?!?


10-19-15, 04:51 PM
HIPAA laws governing access to medical records and privacy generally give patients (or young patients' parents) the overriding ability to decide how records are shared (or not shared).

In general, any waiver you sign granting school personnel access to your (or in this case, your child's) records can be revoked by submitting something in writing.

Ask the doctor's office if they have a form for this; otherwise you can write up your own letter, modeled after the language of the form you signed to give them access in the first place, but just saying you're revoking access as of [date] instead of granting access.

If the doctor's office has already contacted the school, you can't do anything about what's already been said. However, they're usually a bit slow on that...and revoking access now will at least prevent any further direct sharing of information.

Even if you revoke permission for the doctor's office to share information about your son with the school directly, you will still have the freedom to share whatever medical information you want directly with the school, or to ask teachers to fill out rating scales to give to your doctor (for example).

I agree that that having doctors, teachers, and you all working together for the benefit of your child is a good thing. But just because with schools there are sometimes politics involved, and you may find that with different teachers, you want to share different amounts of information (depending on personalities, current issues, any 504 plan or IEP, etc.), it can be very helpful to ensure that the info-sharing decisions rest entirely in your hands.

10-19-15, 07:06 PM
Whew :) Thanks so much for your response. He has only had one therapist appointment. His next is on Friday and when we are there I will find out if there is a standard form they have to revoke the prior release and if not be prepared with something written. I agree it's good to be on the sane page but I want to be aware of all info shared at all times. Right now my goal is to get a 504 plan in place because the school is taking away his recess constantly; but I haven't seen the actual doctor yet so don't know if I can request that with just therapist visits.

10-20-15, 02:22 AM
Firstly, you would have had to sign a release with the school and the therapist for them to speak to each other so double check that. I thought you meant the school was needing to talk to your doctor in which case i would say thats a good idea but they really do not always need to be all up in your business with your son's therapist.

10-20-15, 10:13 AM
Well I did not sign anything with the school, only the therapist...maybe that's a good thing. You are right, the more I read the more I realize I want to control all info shared.