View Full Version : Can anyone Recommend a good doctor in Edison NJ Area

10-19-15, 04:35 PM
Hi All,

I would appreciate if someone can recommend a good doctor in Edison, NJ area. I am 38 years old man having all the suggested symptoms of adult ADD. I have decided to evaluate/diagnose by a professional doctor. Your suggestions/guidelines would be much appreciated.

My major symptoms are:
Procrastination (Extreme, I have been deciding to write this email from 6+ months)
Always arrive late on all the parties/appointments.

10-19-15, 04:56 PM
My advice is to ask your primary care physician (PCP) for a referral. Most insurance providers will make you do this step, particularly if your plan is an HMO. Also, if you can access your plan benefits online through your health insurance website (Mine is Blue Cross so I go to their portal system) and view the in-network psychiatrists. Most of the time, you can search by address or zip code and have a limiting radius of like 5, 10, 15 miles.

Other than that, I wish I could be of more help as I don't live anywhere close to New Jersey.

Wishing you luck:)