View Full Version : New to ADD meds (Straterra)

10-20-15, 07:26 PM
Hi All,
I found this chat room/infosite via google and was thrilled. Anyway I'm bipolar type II recently diagnosed with ADD as well. In addition because of anxiety and headaches my dr did not want me to use a stimulant. So I'm taking 40 mg 1x a day of Straterra. In browsing the site I've seen alot of sexual side effects being reported, however most were from men. Have any of you ladies experienced this? I've only been on it 2 days, not nearly enough time from what my dr says, but I have seen an increase in my work productivity. Also 2nd day on it and had extreme stomach cramps and diarrhea, however, my stomach is kinda screwy anyway. I've read before about many drugs that if you continue it, the side effects minimalize. Anyone have thoughts on the subject?