View Full Version : Evolutionary Endpoint

10-21-15, 09:32 AM
Human beings can't continue having a mind and not using it.

It's inevitable that human beings will not be able to operate inconsistently with their own wellbeing at some point soon.

What that will mean - is that the 'mind' level of evolution will have come to an end.

The next level will involve people becoming of intrinsically higher quality.

What I'd like to know is if this transition will give rise to a theta EEG - adapted creative daydream type - set on a lunar cycle as opposed to a daily cycle - set at a more measured relaxed clock speed - ie t(emporal) dimension
with gamma radiation conversion by mitochondria via uncoupling (heat) and mitochondrial electron transport chain (energy) production into autonomy
- representing our 2 s(patial) dimensions.

ie uncoupling and 'respiratory chain'.


That'd be neat - because materialism - the people who own (have stolen) land, own (have stolen) fossil fuels, own (have stolen) law and money - all for themselves -
- will no longer be able to force you to pay.

If you don't need anything that they've stolen - then you're no longer their slaves.

The only problem that human beings have (currently) is other human beings.