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10-21-15, 01:55 PM
New to the forum here.

My daughter recently started kindergarten and about the same time started taking Quillivant XR. In people's experience is it better or worse to share this with school? My daughter goes to a private school and is doing quite well thus far. I think there could be lots of positive feedback that can come from the school as the primary effective time of the medication is during school hours, however, I am also concerned that they will put her into a box and treat her differently.


10-21-15, 03:51 PM
For health and safety purposes, the school should know. If there was an emergency and they had to rush her to the hospital, it would be good to know what shes on, and if she has any side effects they can help you figure out if its the meds or something else.

10-23-15, 08:57 AM
I'm not sure..I have found the opposite. My Child has an epilepsy diagnosis, very controlled never had an issue at school. Clearly they need to know about that. She also has ADHD diagnosis...and sometimes the behaviors, learning are a mix of how epilepsy treats the brain and the ADHD kicking in, and even the medication (seizure med) side effects. She is not on ADHD meds for now.

I had decided not to share the ADHD piece...and I'm still happy about that. She has some accommodations based on a Nueropsych exam anyway, and they are similar to the ADHD...She is doing well overall..though tbh I don't see much in terms of them using what I ask....She has some minor extra support but she does really well..Not because she is the brightest in the class, she works really hard and if she needs help I reinforce (that is part of her epilepsy....she needs reinformcement). Also my child has more of the social piece (At times ) of the ADHD..typical of girls....I find school doesn't help with this piece anyway....

What I do find in small private schools, which ours attends, is that oversharing sometimes is not a good thing. These places are really insular and cliquish at times even among staff. Just because someone is a teacher and you tell them they have ADHD...some don't even think it's real..and yes kids get stereotype, boxed in, etc. In our case, I didn't want to add another issue...because I do feel that she already is looked at differently. Also..teachers and parents are friends in these small schools...You don't really know who knows your business.

If she is doing fine, I would not say anything. They will call you God forbid in emergency. If things start to get trickier maybe you have to say something. But personally, I don't think I would in your case based on experience in ADHD and the small school setting. If she starts to have academic difficulties, etc maybe you have to share...but if not now, I wouldn't yet.