View Full Version : Zoloft... cycling off?

10-21-15, 06:33 PM
I have pretty much discovered that the cure for all my ADD related problems, is zoloft. It has such a positive effect on my life that I can't even list all the benefits. It changes everything, I'm a new man. And I only have to take it at a dosage of 25mg, so I don't have the risks of those people who take 150-200mg. I really don't want this thread to devolve into how SSRI's make you kill people or whatnot.

But my question is about cycling on and off. Is this necessary? My doctor said that on a long enough timeline, SSRI's do eventually stop working. And its been a while since I've been to him, but I do remember him saying that quitting them helps them work better. When going back on them anyway. In other words, you need to cycle on and off. Well I've been off them for about 4 months now, and I'm realizing once again, why I take them. Depression, ADD, meanness, a general negative attitude, just seeing the world in a negative light, the list goes on. But yeah all that stuff.

My life is harder without the zoloft. Does anyone know how long you should cycle off SSRI's, and how long you should stay on them?

10-22-15, 03:00 AM
No cycling on and off when it comes to SSRi'S, SNRI"s or other antidepressants does not make them work better. Do you know what you would be doing if you "cycled off"? To do it safely you would have to step down your dose over a 6 week period, then have your break and then slowly step back up your dose. Thats like 3 months we are talking about, all to test and unproven theory that your doctor has? No way. If you suddenly stop taking them you are in danger territory. Some people take breaks from stimulants, but they are out of your system in like 3 days, and its not life threatening or dangerous to do it (although I dont believe it works).

10-29-15, 02:17 AM
Well he said that over long term use, SSRI's will eventually stop working. And I was getting that effect, a little bit. Not a whole lot, just a little.

It all became heavily dependent on when I took the pill. Taken every morning at the same time, they work really really well. But just taken every day, at random times, they only work pretty well.

When it comes to quitting them, he said that my dosage was so low (25mg) that it probably wouldn't matter.