View Full Version : Can anyone relate with this?

10-22-15, 04:28 AM

dexedrine by all means is an addictive substance and yet I find that I need to "force" myself to take my medication? It gives virtually no side effects to myself and overwhelming benefits and yet it feels like a chore taking my medication?

One of the biggest reasons I now take Extended release dexedrine is so that its forced onto me (with full knowledge it's the best thing for me) If I do not take Extended release then I'm prone to avoiding taking the medication?

I do recognize that I need to take my medication to function but I don't need it for the sake of needing it?

I can be totally zoning out during the day and Know full well that the medication will change this and yet I dont take it?

10-22-15, 04:40 AM
My issues with med compliance usually have to do with not getting my refills on time or forgetting to take it. Sometimes its sort of like self punishment....".I'll show you what unproductive feels like sarah!"

10-22-15, 06:09 AM
Lol Sarah thank you, yes I think the punishment is required at times, bit of a reminder