View Full Version : remeron and weight gain

pixie cut
10-24-15, 06:09 PM
Been taking low dose 7.5, 15 mg for 6 months, have gained 15 lbs. Does it level out? Appetite like a bear in the evening esp hour after taking it. up eating almost compulsively. Little worried. Really not too eager to continue at this rate, but sleeping much better,

10-24-15, 08:56 PM
Take it right before you go to bed and sleep.

I take 15mg daily, and taking it right before sleep helps with that perfectly.

I once took it first thing in the morning. I ate all day, to the point of feeling uncomfortable. I mean, I just could not stop eating. Nothing satisfied my appetite.

That said, taking it in the morning with my dextroamphetamine is OK because the anorectic quality of the dextroamphetamine balances things out such that I end up with a more-or-less normal appetite.