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pixie cut
10-26-15, 08:44 PM
written by Sari Solden, Recomended by Hallowell, Ratey, Amen, Kelly and Ramundo. excellent read. into the journy of integrating ADHD into a whole, authentic self, to quote one of them.

From pg 184ff
Although how you operate in unique to you, it will be helpful for you to consider the following variables when you begin thinking about when and why you do or do not function at your best, as well as what to modify and adjust.
(the following variables are about 1/2 pg so I will just list them)

1. Stimulation/Stress continuum
2. Structure
3. Support
4. Speed: Pace or Spacing of Activities
5. Degree of Difficulty
6. Degree of control

Remixing the variables( this is the meat of it)
To evaluate tasks and projects according to the above variables, you should keep in mind that these variables are interrelated. Let's say a particular task has a high degree of difficulty and you don't have control over your environment, which has many distractions and in which you would have a hard time focusing. You may need to increase the level of support or reduce the pace or difficulty of the task.
If one week you are losing support or structure (perhaps your coach or someone you work with closely is sick or on vacation) you might find it helps to take on projects that require less attention or have fewer variables. ON the other hand, you might decide to increase the interesting stimulation to keep you focused.
...allow you to develop your priorities and stick with them so you can avoid the sort of overload...

all for now. take care of you