View Full Version : mirtazepine (remeron) and concerta, gaining weight

pixie cut
10-28-15, 07:20 PM
Have been on remeron since Feb this year and Concerta since August. Have gained 15 pounds, but at least sleeping straight thru, before used to wake up every 3 hours approx. Am concerned about weight gain. Wondering what else might work for sleep. melatonin makes me feel hung over.

10-28-15, 07:51 PM
Taking the mirtazapine at night might work for you.

Perhaps talk to your doctor about trazodone. When I need it, it works very well for me, and with no problematic side-effects.


11-07-15, 02:54 PM
Personally, i used to be on trazodone, between started at 50 was eventually prescribed 500, stuff is no good for me. Intuniv used to work well for me, i just had concerns about excessive dizziness during the day so i stopped it.Id reccomend trying intuniv or clonidine, they have a good profile for add and should not lead to weight gain