View Full Version : Received my Narcan training!

10-29-15, 05:02 AM
Ne Jersey, like many places has a horrible heroin/opiate epidemic going on. In the last few months , due to my involvement in AA, I have known 4 people over dose and die on heroin. I signed up for a training course on Narcan. I learned so much. Right now, cops, EMT's, fire fighters have access to the nasal spray version of it, but I was trained in the injection style kind. It turns out the nasal spray has to be assembled and loaded before it can be administered, and since time is of the essence, this new kind of administration system could be a quicker way to revive someone. They are self contained needle cartridges where after you go through certain rescue breathing steps, you basically jam this cartridge into the thigh. It goes right through clothes ! In my circle of acquaintances the likelihood of using something like this is more than the average person because there are so many alcoholics that are also drug addicts.

I look at it as its better to have the training and narcan kit and not need it, rather than need it and not have it. I hope I never have to use it, but I know that I feel more confident having it and that I could possibly save a life. I am registered now and If I ever need to use it, all I have to do is call and use my registration number and I can get a new kit.
It feels good to hopefully be a part of the solution. I recommend this to anyone who has the opportunity, you never know if today will be the day you need to save someone's life.