View Full Version : Ritalin and Pristiq

10-30-15, 06:30 AM
Just wondering, has anyone had any serotonin poisoning type problems when using desvenlafaxine (SNRI) with Methlyphenidate?

The association of risk is supposed to be low, but I definitely had some symptoms on a day when I accidentally had 200mg instead of 150mg and I'm now thinking of titrating by a further 50mg two-weekly until I'm down to 50mg.


02-16-16, 01:59 PM
What is the dose of ritalin? I think you will be fine but I would skip a day or two completely of the snri considering the halflife and then take 50 or 100. I think there is no benefit shown over 50mg with pristiq could be wrong though just extra sides. Also ritalin is mild on serotonin and is not as likely as aderall/amphetamine drugs to get clogged in the cyp2d6 pipeline nor is pristiq likely to clog this pipeline. Also you will know if you have serotonin syndrome - serotonin syndrome is actually really rare contrary to and other contraindictors because they base it off of even a single reported case of someone in the hospital having SS or condition X and being on those meds. Pure speculation, for all we know the cases were most likely genetic liver abnormalities, drug OD's of illicit substances that they did not mention, or 1 million other things. There is not a statistically significant link or even a hint of one between ritalin + snri and ss.