View Full Version : Adderall + antipsychotic flavor of the month = very different effects

10-30-15, 06:01 PM
So I was hoping some people could share and/or relate their experiences with me on this one. I'm currently rx'd 60mg adderall per day + [insert antipsychotic here] + ssri (which I've always had, longer than any of the three). My experiences with adderall's affects vary with whatever antipsychotic I'm using at the time, for instance:

Adderall + Zyprexa = Much more of the "get up and go" motivated type affect. Can cause insomnia at times but I feel just as fine the next day. However, after a couple of months, seems like the zyprexa overpowers the adderall to the point that either the adderall isn't as effective as it used to be, or without it I'm a complete zombie. Nonfunctional.

Adderall + Abilify = Gave me a bad case of EPS, felt like a professional contortionist. That aside, in terms of my brain, it felt like a tug of war between the partial agonism of Abilify and of course the full agonism of adderall (not the best scientific explanation, but my educated hypothesis). Also could feel a bit of that initial adderall euphoria on this combination, but was very uncomfortable due to the physical side effects and a bit of blunting of emotions.

Adderall + Latuda = Intense hyperfocus. I could research a topic for hours on end without blinking an eye. Definitely could absorb the information, but can't unglue myself. Also the anxiety on this combination was a killer (have to use benzos at least 3x per day....not sure if it's specific to the latuda, adderall, or both. Plus, it feels like my dopamine receptors get "fried" a lot easier (guessing b/c there's only antagonism at one dopamine receptor).

So that's my story. I was wondering if anybody else had similar effects or experiences, perhaps with the same combo or different experiences with a completely different combo. And if anybody could suggest reasons for the particular effects, I thank you in advance.

11-09-15, 01:01 AM
I would think it's a good idea to have some antipsychotic handy in case an amphetamine induced psychosis do occur, you won't need to go to the ER for the hassle. Just gotta shut that dopamines down with antipsychotics, due to amphetamine releasing a bit much of it. I have experience with Seroquel. Any time I have some type of mania or I felt a bit "psychotic" from Vyvanse, I keep in mind it's not that I'm losing my mind, it's the dopamines doing its job. I wouldn't worry about dopamine type psychosis, worry more about serotonin, that's the worse. I think some of us could use little of it, considering SSRIs are the ones that make one "crazier" than anything "dopaminergic" like amphetamine.

11-09-15, 05:04 AM
I take geodon for bipolar but I take it at night. I havent had any issues.