View Full Version : freaking out about interview(s) next week

pixie cut
10-30-15, 07:55 PM
On Wed I have second interview for new doc's admin, second doc has said today he'll contact me next week re admin in his office. (he sent me interview offer late last night which I missed, and apologized for) super anxiety issue being...
we'll call them docs#1,2,3
Doc#1 (generalist, who I have interview #2 with next Wed for a full time job) works with an ENT specialist in same building.
#2 is an ENT specialist in same building and job is part or full time re posting
there is a #3 ENT in the same building
my brain is exploding.
Does #2 know that #1 is considering me and wants to compete?
if #2 offers full time and better $ and is working with #1, I couldn't do it. Would be way too uncomfortable interacting with #1's office. right?
If he doesn't work with him, I'm safe to compare the 2 offers and take best, but how do I find out? is there a way to approach it. welcome to my world.

10-30-15, 09:07 PM
What is will be and nothing you do will change that, das dat universe thang