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11-02-15, 03:40 AM

I'm wondering about the possibility of being medicated with a stimulant virtually 24hrs a day.

My reason for this is simple I recognise that I regress into "my own world" as my medication wears off. The problem is that the requirements of tomorrow and so forth become lost and I wake up in the morning "not knowing" what I need to do or what plans I had set forth for the day. I wait for my medication to kick in and I'm back "online" .

Pardon the " " but I can't accurately describe what being in Lala land is like, it's as if I don't know what is important any more? This is a normal morning state for me since I was very young.

So I'm curious, is it a common thing to continue medication into the evening? I don't think it will keep me awake by the simple fact that I will actively go to bed at a decent hour to sleep as I have plans for tomorrow. I know it sounds silly but I drift off as my meds wear away.

Also in regards to Dextroamphetamine, what is the maximum adult dosage? I feel I require more but over a longer period.

Thank you!

11-02-15, 03:47 AM
reason Im asking is because I'm scared to ask my doctor for a slightly strong ER casual and supplemental IR tabs for the evening.

I'd like to have 30mg IR and 5 or 10 mg for late afternoon evening IR.

Or 25mg ER in the morning with 5mg IR (to come online sooner) with 5-10mg IR in the afternoon.

It would take me to 35-40mg of dex a day, is it too high? Or unsustainable? I dislike going up in medication because i am afraid that I'm unkowingly "chasing a high"

The medication always works the same, there's no tolerance imho

11-02-15, 04:09 AM 6.pdf

Pretty interesting, stimulant medication prescribed in Western Australia. Average dose for my age and gender is 33mg a day...

11-02-15, 04:15 AM
I have awful crashes on Adderall XR, and even worse crashes on Adderall IR. I become frustrated and depressed. Not having to feel the crash ever would be brilliant! However, if I took Adderall IR in the evenings, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to sleep.

If you're still able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, I don't see a problem with taking Adderall XR in the mornings, and Adderall IR in the evenings.

11-02-15, 04:57 AM
This is interesting. I use to dread the afternoon crash and come down.

A couple of things I think. As regard to dosing ultimately that's the Drs domain.

The afternoon, it's not so much the crash that bothers me as the ability to fall asleep quicklyish and stay asleep.
If I can I will have another dose just as a significant portion of Dex taken in the early day.

Maybe about 7 pm. But I will roughly know what time I will jump into bed, so it's all planned out.

11-02-15, 04:58 AM
Does that make sense?

11-02-15, 05:04 AM
Cool thank you, naturally there's a happy spot with the medication that I hope to find.

I'm on the premise that my unmedicated state in the evenings is throwing my mood around by way of me losing focus on what's important in my life. There is Something about "entering reality and falling out of it" that is bugging me.

My understanding is that my ADHD is some what severe.

11-02-15, 06:38 AM
I think what your experiencing is pretty normal.
I will know exactly he moment that really all the benefits of the Dex have gone, you learn to get more mentally tough here.
If I was studying I would have already had another dose. I guess my priority is a sound sleep so I focus on that.
Try to hang in there with this because now, as others have said, I don't really get that mental crash, just get tired and unable to focus or prioritise.
I look at this time of the day as my time and it is sacrosanct.

11-02-15, 08:13 AM
I myself Tend not to have a mental crash perse, I don't know what it is but what I need to do to live healthily and what I actually do diverge greatly.

If I miss the window of oppurtunity I can go from calmly being at home to chain smoking thrill seeker that stays up late and goes partying, drinking.... Amongst other things that I don't want to do.

Yes I need self control I'm tired of willpowering every single action I do or don't do.

11-03-15, 01:11 AM
I know from my experience that the maximum clinical dosage in Australia for Dex (IR: instant release) is not more than 40mg per day. I hope that this helps.

11-03-15, 05:59 AM
I know from my experience that the maximum clinical dosage in Australia for Dex (IR: instant release) is not more than 40mg per day. I hope that this helps.

Actually when I checked the web, 60 mg is considered the daily recommended max.
To the OP-For me, adhd is a 24/7 thing and I take my last dose at 5pm. I do not have issues sleeping but I have a very strict sleeping plan that I learned due to my insomina.

11-03-15, 06:14 AM
According to my psychiatrist 25mg of dex IR a day is the Max (in the uk) but who knows what outdated guidelines she's using..:rolleyes:

11-03-15, 05:49 PM
Re: Dex - 40mg Max limit per day in Australia

11-03-15, 05:50 PM
Re: Dex - 40mg Max limit per day in Australia
Citation: (

11-03-15, 11:04 PM
Re: Dex - 40mg Max limit per day in Australia
Citation: (

Thank you, but I think I have read 60mg for adults is allowed which is a dump load of Dextroamphetamine (sounds like hell)

Anyway I'm only hoping for 30-35mg 1x30mg capsual and 1XIR for the evening .

Instead of 1x25mg ER

I'm so overly cautious to ask for more medication I started with 20mg which was like heaven and hell compared to 0mg. It took me a while to realise that there might be a benefit at 25mg. I just never liked taking IR tablets, they are like little bullets to the brain, take to much by accident and it's not nice.

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11-03-15, 11:31 PM
From my personal use of dex, you dont get 'highs' from dex! It's a medication for ADD/ADHD. As such, it's there for a clinical reason. Please respect your mind and your mental health. I say that out of love. All the best.



11-03-15, 11:53 PM
I don't get highs from dex, I have unfortunately double dosed on Dextroamphetamine by accident,

Woke up took 10mg morning dose and fell asleep, woke up again and took another 10mg by total accident thinking i hadn't taken any yet. It resulted in hyperfocus, I hated it.

11-03-15, 11:55 PM
And yeah 40mg IR tablets sounds awful,

My 25 mg releases 50% in 3hrs and 90% in 8hrs.

Which sucks because I'd like 10mg first thing in the morning IR. Not 12.5 overv3 hours.