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11-04-15, 05:18 AM
I'm struggling. Can someone please tell me if they've experienced similar?

Basically, when I first started my medication, I was on two doses of 5mg then 10mg. I originally cut out coffee entirely but because the medication didn't last long enough, and adding additional dosages without my doctor's ok is a no no, I gave into supplementing with coffee between doses. Or I guess you can say that's how I justified going back to my coffee drinking habits.

Anywho, now I find myself struggling. On the one hand, I know if I take my medication right away upon waking I will have a more productive morning, however, my meds don't give me the morning "pep" caffeine does. So I've found that instead of taking my first dose, I've been skipping it just so I can drink a cup of coffee in the am. The problem is that while the coffee might wake me wake me up, it doesn't help me focus at all. And once I've gone down that rabbit hole, it's hard to recover from it.

Anyone else struggle from so,etching similar?

11-04-15, 05:59 AM
Any reason you decided to cut outt coffee? Its good practice when you are making sure meds work ok but I drink coffee and I know that without it I would not function well I have been on stimulants for over 10 years adn have drank coffee everyday as well.

Little Missy
11-04-15, 08:00 AM
I've been drinking coffee all of my life and even as a child I did. Some people do not do well drinking coffee with their medication and with others it does not seem to bother them.

I drank coffee when I took Ritalin, Dexedrine and still do with Adderall.

I just plain love my coffee.

11-04-15, 11:21 AM
My doctor suggested I not drink it while taking my medication. He said it can make people feel jittery and increase your heart rate. The one time I had some coffee about an hour after taking my medication, I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest and I felt really nauseous. :/

11-04-15, 03:16 PM
If coffee "worked", it would be worth keeping. But as you've already said yourself, it doesn't really "work". It doesn't help you focus.

The awake feeling you get is therefore a false one. You're not really awake on coffee - you're just asleep with your eyes open. You're used to that false feeling of being more awake, and without that false feeling you have led yourself to believe something is wrong.

Something isn't wrong. :)

02-16-16, 02:06 PM
The coffee question. I struggle with this one myself a couple times a year. It is a personal thing - if it makes you tweak from your meds, quit the caffeine and if the meds still tweak you out lower the dose (hopefully you started low and slowly increased in the first place). If you are like myself then you will be a zombie without coffee in your system but doctors have told me to limit it to 1 cup in the morning for health benefits. Your language is confusing OP - are you on 20mg of ritalin or 10mg twice a day? Either way those are relatively low numbers so before you go chugging red bull and 5 hour energy drinks I would ask your doc to try a higher dose and definitely more frequent. Ritalin does not last the full 4 hours for the majority of people in fact most people get like 2-3 if they are lucky.

02-17-16, 03:05 AM

your doctor is right suggesting you not to drink coffee while adjusting your medication. without coffee you will get a better feeling for your medication.

indeed coffee can make jittery and increase heart rate and it also can force headaches especially on methylphenidate. enjoy your coffee when you found your right dosage!

5mg is a very low dose of Ritalin IR, 10mg is a common but still low dose of Ritalin IR which has double strenght compared to Ritalin LA due to its immeditate release of methylphenidate.

When I was adjusted by my doctor we started at 10mg and he said i also can take 20mg and if I knew what an overdose means its easier for me to learn handling the medication.

Indeed I was overdosed on 20mg, feeling jittery, nervous, talking non stop or feeling like "the road runner". So I went back to 15mg which was my perfect "good morning alert".

Ritalin IR worked for me for 4-4.5h and then i crashed. In the beginning i added another 10mg just before the crash came but 10mg were a bit too much for me because it felt a little bit overdosed. So i experimented with adding 5-7.5mg and finally worked most of the time with adding 5mg up to 3-4 times a day.

Some special days with bad sleep needed 20mg in the morning and regular bad days sometimes needed adding a mix of dosages between 5 mg and 7.5mg. I used Ritalin IR from morning to bed time and i also used it for better falling to sleep.

When I started drinking too much coffee again, having medication breaks and adding buproprion on some days, which i got prescribed before Ritalin, but which i dropped quick due to pain in my legs while running, my doctor decided to give Vyvanse a try because he has seen my consumption of coffee and buproprion as a missatisfaction of Ritalin.

Yah, he was right but amphetamine is much more complicated in adjusting the dosage than Ritalin.

When i have a break at medication i drink up to 6-8 espressos a day but i still try to keep myself away from caffeine on stimulants.

I try to replace caffeine with theombromine ( for the raw cacao beans ( which are very tasty and wealthy if i dont eat too many of them.

Dont forget: Coffee taste is nice but it is also another stimulant.