View Full Version : Question about saving my antivirus,etc before they fix my PITA laptop.

11-04-15, 05:56 AM
This will probably be something a kind soul will have to be willing to IM,chat,text or pm, and walk me through.
Basically I have an HPstream notebook that HP is finally going to fix because the mouse/touchpad hasnt been working. It was highighting everything and I could click or type anywhere. I went through 2 hours on the phone with the h rep checking all the drivers and diagnostic stuff and like i knew, its a hardware issue. They are sending me a box to mail it to them.
The rep mentioned that I had to back things up, but It has almost no memory and I never bought an external harddrive so the only two things I care about are my daughters minecraft and my awesome antivirus software that I purchased. There was no disk or anything, i downoaded it after i paid for it from their websites.
What do I do? I know this seems fairy obvious and I promise I am not usually this foolish with technology but for whatever reason my mind is stuck. I dont know if this is something that can be answered via posts and I am not even sure I would be able to grasp them without getting into something more detailed with someone but at this poiint anything would help.

Thanks Lovey's!

11-04-15, 09:19 PM
Some antivirus software is sold by the license -- as in, anyone can download the software, but you can't actually use it (or don't get all the features) without typing in a license number.

If you have that kind of thing, 1) write down the license number and stick it in your wallet or somewhere you won't lose it and it won't get destroyed, and 2) if you got an e-mail receipt, print a copy.

(Or, call their customer service and find out what you do if your computer breaks and you have to get a new one -- this is essentially the same situation if they end up wiping your computer.)

For your daughter's Minecraft stuff, same advice as above applies -- if it's a license thing, copy down the numbers, any username /password stuff, e-mail receipt if available, etc.

Whatever custom settings or progress in the game aren't already backed up to some cloud somewhere can probably be backed up to a USB thumb drive. You'll have to figure out where they're stored; perhaps someone here with Minecraft experience can provide better information.

Also, you can get low-capacity (<100GB) external hard drives for $20-$30 -- might be worthwhile to back up the whole computer, just 'cause.

Of course, you'll need a way to click on stuff or otherwise navigate the laptop in order to back stuff you have one? Maybe a USB plug-in mouse or trackball (if it's the laptop's touchpad that's the problem)?