View Full Version : Ritalin + pill free week (and period) issues

11-09-15, 07:52 AM
So I'm not sure this is the right forum, so feel free to move if needed.

So I started Ritalin la about a month ago, and I am now at 40mg morning and 40mg after 4 hours.

This seemed to be working well, and I was able to concentrate and do all kinds of amazing things. But it all stopped last Thursday. Which coincidentally or not was the same day i started pill-free week, and my period (started Friday)

I do feel some effect, but keeping focus is harder, as is getting started, following through, and also ripping myself away from the internet to study.

I have read around the web and here, that our periods can affect the medication, but as I am on the pill, and not ovulating, my hormone levels should be pretty stable.
Also as I understand it, Adderall is the one most affected.

So what do you guys think? Anyone else with similar experiences? Or Is this a case of seriously fast tolerance?
And please if anyone one have any good advice for getting past this, please share. I have an exam in only a few weeks, and no days to spare.