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11-09-15, 06:56 PM
I have been taking ADD medications for the past 20 years. I long ago accepted I will be taking them for the rest of my life. I am fine with that also. I have been taking Concerta for the past 12 years. I currently take 54mg twice a day of Conerta. Supposedly its a high dose. Well I need it (its also less than what I use to take).

My Psychiatrist who I have been seeing for 2 and a half years retired all of a sudden. His wife had a heart attack and he is 78. I asked him repeatedly to give me several months notice if he was going to retire. He decided to retire after his wife's heart attack. Therefore, I did not have several months notice.

I reside in Baltimore Maryland. The morons running this city could screw up boiling water. However, the one area which excels in Baltimore is the medical community. At the moment I am incredibly frustrated. For the past 3 weeks, I have been on my health insurance website Magellan (they handle psychiatrics for Carefirst Blue Choice). Every day for an hour a day I have been calling doctors who according to Magellan's website are accepting new patients. I am going to run out of medication in 10 days. I am terrified of this. When I called these new shrinks none of them are accepting new patients.

Finally in frustration I called Care first. They connected me to a woman at Magellan. The nice woman at Magellan emailed me a list of Psychiatrists who are accepting new patients. I called a number of these new Psychiatrists. I explain I am going to run out of medication. The earliest I can see any of them is in December. I will run out of medication in 10 days. I mentioned this to all of the Doctors or receptionists I have spoken to. They do not care. Half of these shrinks I spoke to require therapy sessions in addition to seeing a doctor for medication. I explain I will do whatever I have to as long as I can see someone soon. They don't care. I will do whatever I have to do to get my proscription filled. If that means I have to sit with some beady eyed fruedian ******* and discuss my feelings for an hour fine! I don't give a ****. Of course I have to sit in therapy for two sessions before an actual doctor can see me. Still the earliest I can see a Doctor is in December when my meds will be long gone.

I called my old Doctor. He said to see my Primary Care Doctor and get them to write me a script for one month. I saw my Primary Care Doctor today. They do not proscribe psychiatric drugs. I am at my wits end. My primary care doctor was going to refer me to a shrink there. Of course they can't see me until late next month. Are all shrinks rabid ********! I have been calling them for weeks. I thought doctors helped people.

The exorbitant amount of time I am spending on this problem is affecting my Livelihood. I work on commission. I called my insurance company again today. I explained the situation. The woman I spoke with connected me to Caremarks benefit manager. The woman I spoke to said I had to have a written proscription. She suggested I go to the emergency room like some junkie. How does that conversation go?

Listen I apologize for my language but I am at my wits end. I had no idea it would be so hard to find a bleeding doctor. I started dealing with this in the middle of October. I just want a doctor who will fill the proscription I have been taking for years so I can get on with my life. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

11-10-15, 05:36 AM
What if your old dc called your primary and actually spoke with the doctor? A lot of times doctors do not like when patients come in an tell them that another doctor told them what to tell a new doctor to do. They dont like being told what has to be done to treat a patient.

Little Missy
11-10-15, 07:38 AM
I had a doc that went into retirement suddenly once but her office called me and I was sent three months of my prescriptions to hold me over until I found a different doctor.

Little Missy
11-10-15, 08:20 AM
It is possible given the age of your doctor and the grief and worry over his wife that when things settle down for him that his office could be reached for temporary prescriptions for you.