View Full Version : Cymbalta + Sulbutiamine

11-11-15, 07:36 AM
I'm on a daily dose of Cymbalta 30mg and Sulbutiamine (arcalion) 400mg

Prescribed by my psychiatrist for GAD and ADHD symptoms (which he thought are unlikely)

I have been on this combination for 15 days.

First 5 days I was mildly anxious all day with nausea, the 5th day I was very calm with zero anxiety and nausea was gone. Then I woke up at 4:00 am the next day with sever worry and anxiety that faded away in a few minutes. Then the upcoming 5 days up to now I was back to feeling the same before even taking these medications, no effect or side effect.

I am supposed to take this medication for another 4 weeks before visiting the physiatrist again.

My question is, could this combination improve any of the ADHD symptoms?

Was the 5th day's calm from Cymbalta or the nootropic? I read that you build tolerance for sulbutiamine so maybe this feeling was because of it then it went away?