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11-12-15, 03:24 PM
I have a 11 year daughter who has high level ADHD up until now we have been able to manage it without drugs. Now that she has hit puberty things have gone from bad butt manageable to full on crazy land. She has failed all her classes and is a total distraction in class. I'm sure she spends most of her day wandering the halls or in the washroom.

We started Adderal first - gave her major panic attacks

second Concerta: started at 14 and went all the way up to 54 without any real noticeable improvement in behaviour or attention.

Third Strattera just started 3 days ago. lots of side effects, has stopped eating and is sleeping 12 hours. (This is a child who hasnt slept more than 5 hours a night since 18 months)

QUESTION: The school tells me today that Tuesday was the most productive, calmest, focused day they have ever seen. She stopped taking the Concerta Tuesday and switched to the Strattera. Was it the Concerta finally making a difference? Or is it the Strattera? I thought the Strattera takes 4-6 weeks to come to effect?

Help please.

11-13-15, 01:21 PM
Concerta doesn't build up in the body, so it doesn't become more effective in the long-term. Maybe the effects of Strattera are showing earlier for your daughter than they do in general- everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to medication. I think she should keep taking Strattera for a while and see how she's doing.

11-13-15, 03:16 PM
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While you're here, take a look in a section called "Dizfriz's Corner" - there's a lot of great information there.

Concerta can't help on a day she didn't take it, that's for sure. But I'm a little confused - was Tuesday the last day she did take Concerta, or the first day she didn't? It wouldn't be surprising for someone to start a new dosage of Concerta and not "hit their stride" till a few days later, if that was what happened.

If it was clear that Concerta was doing nothing at any dose (not even making her worse), in my opinion that's a pretty clear indication that Concerta is just not right. Getting these dosages correct is a little bit like focusing a camera - if you see blurry or bad images, you keep on adjusting the focus, but if you see nothing at all, you don't waste too much more time twiddling the focus - you check for what else might be wrong.

Maybe she had a better day for another reason, such as she had a better sleep or some bad things didn't happen at school...

or maybe it's the Strattera. Some people do find it effective more or less right away - maybe that's unusual but I've definitely heard it before.

I agree with Corina that if it appears Strattera might be working then keep on it and give it a chance. It is well known that for a lot of people Strattera starts out poorly and takes some time to adjust to, so don't write it off.

Adderall causing panic: can be because Adderall was no good for her, or can be because the dose was too high. If she had panic on the lowest possible dose of Adderall, then it was the drug's fault; if she was on a somewhat higher dose, then there's still a chance for lower-dose Adderall as well.