View Full Version : Tried everything else! Will Quillivant help?

11-13-15, 12:23 PM
My son 10 years old and we have tried everything and nothing lasts. Right now he is on 60 mgs vyvanse but it wear's out by 11 and he takes it at 730. I'm wondering about quillavant, what do you think? His Dr says vyvanse is stronger but ritilin worked it jus only lasted 2 hrs and then 3 hrs till next dose. He suffers so much in school, it breaks my heart. I just want to find something that lasts through out his school day.

11-13-15, 04:04 PM
Quillivant is a long-acting form of Ritalin. How long does it last? There's only one way to find out, I guess.

For me, taking Vyvanse at 7:30 means it will only start working at about 9. It's very strange for it to last only 2 hours of effectiveness... but it's true that everyone is different.

How is your son's sleep? Does he eat well?

Has he (or you) noticed any bad effects from Vyvanse?