View Full Version : Las Vegas prescriber for ADHD in Women

11-17-15, 02:56 AM
I see there's not a lot of activity on this forum, but I'll toss this request out anyway...

I just moved to Las Vegas. I'm a 34 year old woman who was first diagnosed with ADHD just over 3 months ago, and I need to find someone to continue my meds (and probably adjust them) in the Las Vegas area.

One of my big concerns is finding someone who knows how to treat ADHD in women. The therapist who diagnosed me warned me that some psychiatrists don't believe women can have ADHD (even though they'll treat it in men and boys), and I'd really like to avoid seeing someone who's going to try to diagnose me with something else.

So, does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

11-17-15, 05:27 AM
I can only suggest that you check the nevada section here and your insurance company's website.

11-26-15, 08:37 PM
It is a huge annoyance to see a psychiatrist in Las Vegas. For medication you need to go through a psychologist first, and then a psychiatrist for the prescription. A friend told me there was a general practitioner in town who was more flexible, but he recently got arrested for sexually abusing his clients. I would try to do it through a reliable avenue to avoid the crazies.

I did not pursue it for a few years because of this hassle (who has time or the money for several visits??). Once I switched to Medicaid I went through my school's Health Center and was prescribed on the spot given my long history. The pharmacy also got approval for Adderall XR brand without prior authorization which I was very very surprised about. I am thinking of following through with some coaching and counseling at the school, and I believe one of the doctors works outside of the campus. I will try to send you the information next time I go by PM.