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11-22-15, 07:21 AM
Just wanted to share my story so far.

I thought I wanted to get into aquarium husbandry.
-worked at a bio supply company...quit. Made expensive mistakes like swapping labels on boxes, no icepack, etc. Imagine a medical researcher opening a box expecting sea urchins and finding sea slugs... Made lots of little mistakes(forgetting to turn valves back=tank o dead nastiness...etc. etc..). I was basically running the place alone...lonely and socially starved.
-fired from internship at large aquarium. Asked to many annoying questions. Couldn't follow instructions. Was told it didn't seem like I was listening. Food prep was a hectic sloppily done race against time. Lots of monotonous tasks. No outlet for creativity

Meanwhile I ran a street show on the side as an educational reptile presenter. That has honestly been my best paid job per hour. But it more importantly helped me realize what work environment would make me happy.

I got into environmental/outdoor ed. Dynamic. High energy, and you are with people all day. Values spotaneity. Ability to be creative and independent while also having a supportive work community. I still live in fear of losing/forgetting important stuff but unlike at the old strength for innovation was admired and mattered

11-22-15, 02:16 PM
Yes. It bothers me when there is pressure from parents to be something, even if it's not for you.

11-22-15, 06:35 PM
AnyADD: Yes. I am lucky my parents have been fairly supportive-other relatives might talk about money but my Dad has always said "If you love what you do and are good enough at it, someone somewhere will pay you".

I think it is important to think about your strengths(you have some!) and of course your weaknesses and find an environment where your strengths are valued and you get support to work on your weaknesses-and where they aren't a huge deal.

The first two jobs I listed-creativity/innovation, and the like were not valued. What was important was what I(and I suspect most ADD people) are bad at. Organization, remembering details, tight schedules...

So yes, I still get up and go and leave stuff behind-but you have a whole trail group with you, and chances are a lot of the kids are going to leave their backpacks too! I find one student and put them in charge of a quick visual sweep to make sure we aren't leaving things. I lost 2 of the companies medical kits(I bought one of my own instead of having them replace it again I was pretty ashamed) but my supervisors were only somewhat disappointed. I think the field attracts a fair share of similar folk. At a professional conference-somebody's lost keys were being waved around after each gathering, and my toothbrush and toothpaste were not the only items in the lost and found!

I was able to bring and field test innovative ideas for engaging kids in science on trail, and got great reviews from teachers/schools. If my schedule at my new place of work allows(finally found a full time year round job in this field) I hope to go back to help out with staff training.

12-30-15, 10:24 PM
I would love to love my job. Im simply stuvk in a job i hate because of insurance and pay