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11-22-15, 06:56 PM
If anyone is feeling glum about work mistakes at work on reddit! Helped me a lot, anyway...

This thread is for you to share your most embarrassing or just @#%@$ed mistakes at work.

- 1st week of work at job. Boss and I are packing a shipment of fish going to an aquarium. I am going to bag up a moray eel-but I have a smaller net than I would like. I holler to my boss to see if he has a bigger one but he's deaf in one ear and can't here. Ah screw it...

The eel looks so calm sitting in his pvc pipe. "This won't be too hard"

I pick up the pipe, tilting it so the eel slides into the net. Then I lift him out of the water. He's so cute and calm laying curled up in the net bag like a limp noodle.

I have a bucket between my legs with the shipping bag. All I have to do now is carefully invert the net and dump him into the bag.

As I do so, he wriggles just enough to miss the bag and plop onto the floor.

"$#%T!" I hope he's ok and the boss doesn't see. "Well, at least he isn't freaking out" and I move to sweep him back into the net. Right them the eel flips out, and grabs onto a finger. I manage to get him into the net and into the bag but their is blood on the bag, on the eel, and running down my arm. My boss has come over by now, surprised at first by all the blood, but relieved to find out it is mine and not the eels. I go to the warehouse bathroom to rinse it off.

We manage to find some paper towels to bandage up my finger. Can't do anything else today, so my boss suggests I go to urgent care. That way I can get some ABX since eels have nasty mouths.

I get into my truck and put the stick into reverse. "Well that is my effin luck!" and back the truck out, ready to get this stupid day over with.

"Do I need to move my car?" my boss hollers from behind the door


My bosses Porsche Boxstar was parked right alongside, and I had failed to align my steering wheel correctly. Their is now a dent and a gash on his door.

I let out a couple swear words and slam the door of truck-locking my keys inside.

In the end, I had to wait with my boss at the warehouse as he called AAA to come out and break into my car. He had a good enough sense of humour to find it all amusing.

11-23-15, 12:02 AM
Oh took a couple days (due to being sidetracked) to mop up all the blood dribbles. Their was a trail all the way across the warehouse,

The eel made it just fine and with is almost certainly still alive in sf...likely in a display talking about how they are misunderstood creatures and actually not dangerous...usually!