View Full Version : non add-ers what do you love about your ADD partner

11-23-15, 12:40 AM
What drew you together and what do you continue to appreciate about your partner., ADD and all?

11-23-15, 05:06 AM
I thought I woud comment on this as i have a unique situation. I have adhd but so does my husband. So I dont know if what i can share is useful or not but...
I love how sometimed, he can get that whole hyperfocus thing going. Normally I cant stand it when it happens to me but with hiim it makes him an excellent problem solver. This is not to say that i like it all of the time, just sometimes.

11-23-15, 12:52 PM
What drew us together:

A profound connection. We just get each other. We always have.

What I continue to appreciate:

His unwavering commitment to our relationship. That connection is deeper and stronger, and just continues to grow over the years.

11-28-15, 06:50 PM
He truly can fix anything! He will watch a video online or read about it online and gets the parts and fixes it. Once our fan went out in our fridge when we were first married and he replaced it with a computer tower fan and it kept it running for awhile :)
- Tobi

12-01-15, 09:58 PM
*I love his unending enthusiasm, and brilliant 'big dreams'.
*His quarks
*His ability to MacGyver anything, and handyness around the house.. I mean, he legit fixed our washer with a pop can on Christmas eve, lol.
*His smile and laugh. His eyes get this sparkle when he gets smug
*His sense of humor
*His sense of loyalty and love for family
*His ability to laugh at life and ride by the seat of his pants
*him...just all of him <3 :)

12-01-15, 11:52 PM
*him...just all of him <3 :)[/QUOTE]

This. YES. :grouphug:

12-07-15, 04:17 PM
The light in his eyes and his enthusiasm & energy when he's happy.
His desire to be a better person.
His reliance on me to help him become a better person (meaning he's willing & open to listen to what I have to say & try things I suggest).
How hard he tries to make me happy when he's able.
His intelligence.
How he balances out my need to plan every. little. thing.
His desire to try new things & not get stuck in a rut.