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08-19-03, 02:48 PM
Hi All,

I am on an Activities Committee at work, and am trying to come up with some fun ideas for people to do. I work in a Call Center so it has to be the kind of thing that can be done multiple times over a period of several hours(like during someones lunch or break), because people have to be staffed on the phones and they all can not be off at the same time.
The activities goals are to:
Motivate, Stimulate, and Engage people.
Also, our Activities is self-supporting for the most part, so many of the activities are charge, so we can pay for bigger thing that have a cost associate with them.

Some that we have done in the past are:

Having a dunk tank, to that you pay a buck to dunk a manager, supervisor or lead who volunteers to be dunked. We are doing that one again next week.

We also made smoothies with some super-blenders from Costco
and charge $2.50 for a large, $1.25 for a small.

Tomorrow, we are having a Kareoke time in our lunch room, not really a contest or anything, but just to have fun. I LOVE KAREOKE!!!

Any Ideas on decorating theme for Halloween? I had thought maybe a Shakespearian, sort of Renasaisance Fair type theme, although I have never been to one before. I am sort of thinking, like Knights of the Round table dress/King Arthurs court type dress. I get tired of the typical blood-and-gore-ghosts-and-spider-webs-thing.

Anyway, if any of you creative types either saw at your work, or can think of anything, your ideas would be appreciated. I have a planning meeting I have to go to on Thursday, and we need to "Bring our Ideas to the table" for September activites


08-19-03, 03:03 PM
Can you do outdoor games....such as relay races, potato sack races, frisbee, etc. These always engage people.....Prizes for the winners.....

Indoor games such as twister or telephone...or how about face painting.....

Or how about an arts and crafts area...where people can create Halloween decorations to bring home....

08-19-03, 04:06 PM
Super Hero Day! :D :D :D

That was the consensus at another forum where they were trying to come up with a theme day at work.

Costume contest, a big Superman Logo cake, and the themes of superhero shows played on a ghetto blaster were some of the things they talked about.

08-19-03, 04:19 PM
Super Hero Day sounds cool, it is going on my list!

I think we could do outside stuff, but in Sacramento it is still pretty hot in September, sometimes up to 100 degrees or more.

But I am definate adding to my list the arts and crafts area...where people can create Halloween decorations to bring home....

Hopefully more people have some ideas :)

08-19-03, 04:25 PM
100 degrees??? Then you must do more than smoothies.....Can you do "do it yourself" sundaes (and only have healthy stuff like fruit and low-fat ice-cream and coolwhip).......

or even a "do it yourself" lemonade or kool-aid stand.....

In fact, can someone just bring in a small above the ground swimming pool? or a sprinkler? or squirt guns? (it might be fun to squirt Paul S. with a squirt gun:) :D ....just a side note)

08-19-03, 05:02 PM
I warn you, in high school I played a lot of a game called 'Killer' which is sort of gangwars/capture the flag with Super Soakers and water balloons, and I know how to defend myself! :D :D :D

08-19-03, 07:50 PM
Water balloons!!! Another excellent idea for James' work party......

Anyway, I'm sure you can defend yourself Paul....In fact I have no doubt whatsoever.....I'll just bet anything you'd be a BLAST in a squirt gun (or water balloon) fight:) That's a complement.....ya know!!!:)

08-19-03, 08:49 PM
Anyone else on the ADDFORUMS board, besides Joan and Paul have any ideas? I am soliciting anyone's help, the creative brain power on this board to come up with A LOT of ideas--I want to have the most ideas when I go to that meeting, I want to kick some creative butt, so to speak!! ;) :p :D

Well, Joan, It is not necessarily a work party. I am just trying to look for different activities in general. There have also been sports themes, etc. Really any type of activity that is fun and engaging.

Also, I have a competitive nature in me at times and I want to come up with the most fun/creative ideas for the activities meeting I have on Thursday. So, I have about 3 or 4 so far

08-20-03, 02:55 AM
I could pretend to be someone else and give you some more ideas... :D

Actually a social mixer my son was involved in comes to mind. Every person had a slip of paper given to them with another person's name on it, and you were that person's "secret admirer" for the day... you had to find ways to give them nice surprises, not necessarily romantic things, but things like hiding a beanie baby in their backpack or a chocolate bar in their lunch, or putting a note on their desk like "I like Jim because he's so intelligent", etc. You got points for being the first to figure out who had your name, and points for being the last one figured out, and token prizes were given out.

Might be better for younger people, I guess. But its another idea.

08-20-03, 06:03 AM
Take a gallon jar and put a shot glass in the bottom upside down.

Fill it with water

Put a coin slot in the lid

put the lid on the jar and drop coins into the slot

I used to pay 10 to 1 odds for any coin that landed on the shot glass

at a typical party i would make about 40 to 50 bucks

08-20-03, 09:56 AM
That reminds me of another cool game...the one where you get a BIG jar (yes I too am pretending to be someone else...sigh...sorry James)....and buy tons of jelly beans....and one person counts a certain number of jelly beans....some obscure number like 1,053....and everybody has to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar and the person who guesses closest to the actual number, wins.....OR

do a trivial pursuit game related to the employees at work.....each employee submits a question about him/herself...that he/she knows his/her coworkers should know the answer to.....

08-20-03, 11:28 AM
I will take impersonations of other members of the forum, submitting what you think they might submit. :D

Well, I have to go sing some Kareoke, it is Kareoke day at work!! I already did one solo (Superman by Five for Fighting) and a duet, Summer Nights from Grease :D :D

08-20-03, 05:21 PM
Oooo! Paradise By the Dashboard Light for me, please. :D :D :D

08-20-03, 06:17 PM
Originally posted by jimmmaaa
I will take impersonations of other members of the forum, submitting what you think they might submit. :D

In that case I will impersonate James and Paul and submit a poem.....Ya right....that'll be the day.....:D

Seriously James: good luck with the meeting tomorrow...and hope you enjoyed Karioke (sp) today....:)

08-20-03, 07:41 PM
The Karaoke was great!

Here is a poem I sent out to everyone to entice them down to sing:

You still have some more time
to come and bust a Rhyme.
Mabye you like Neil Diamond,
or maybe eve some Paul Simon.
If you like Brittney Spears,
We will lend you our ears.
Even if you sing off key
you can enjoy the revervie.
What, you say you like the tunes of Broadway?
You can be like Sinatra, and sing "I did it my way"
Don't you worry about looking like a fool
I've already done that, I made the rule.

08-20-03, 08:32 PM did it work??? Did you get a good turn-out???

08-20-03, 08:44 PM
I love how we can drift in and out from a certain related post to total diorentation

Its whats makes ADD so much fun

08-20-03, 08:47 PM
You're right Garry....I am TOTALLY could not BE more correct:)

(Actually karioke is not far off's part of James' work, just not what we started with in the first place!!!)

08-20-03, 09:10 PM
I wasn't meaning you or any one else

we can drift in and out from a certain related post to total diorentation

The emphasis is on we

but now that you mention it

so am I totally disorentated

its great and its fun

08-25-03, 12:53 PM
For in the office stuff you can have a decorating using your theme day of people's cubicals or desks, make it a contest and have catagories such as the Sillies, the most to the theme, and - my old company's favorite- the most lights ;)

08-25-03, 01:37 PM borrow from Kassie's idea...a cubicle decorating contest. with prizes for categories like: Most Original, Best Color Scheme, Most Obnoxious use of Flourescent Colors, etc.

08-25-03, 02:11 PM
Thanks Guys!