View Full Version : this past semester has been fantastic

11-25-15, 01:27 AM
Getting a B average for the semester. almost had an A but I knew there would be problems getting adjusted to life again.

but a B is a good, very good all things considered.

I've learned so much about how to deal with people and myself. it's crazy, but the business department was probably the best choice for me, especially for were I am in therapy.

Basicly Business Managment is all about working in teams, figuring out peoples strong suit, getting to know them, how to start conversations/open people up and most importantly how to bring motivation. I didn't think it at first, but that hits every single point I'm trying to better myself at.

I have quickly grown to one of the top members of PBL, going to state and nationals for speaking. I'm also the second of the production department.

it's funny, but motivation, both studying it in class and going over it in therapy is all about working towards a goal, and that's the same with social constructs. I've opened myself up and become good friends with several people because we were all striving towards a goal, relying on each-other and working together. I have a purpose, and through that I've become a member of the chamber of commerce with them.

I think drive and motivation is a central theme here. My question would be, when you were active in X Y or Z and were motivated at one point in time, was it because of *will* or was it something more concrete? motivation I've found through studying motivation(heh) seems to be 1 part self interest and 1 part fitting in, being a part of something.

anyway I hope everyone is doing fine. I just wanted to drop in real fast while I'm waiting on some grades.

11-29-15, 12:39 AM
Thats good to hear. It always makes me happy to see people doing well.