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11-25-15, 06:59 AM
Hey Guys, I am new to this forum. I would like to get some feedback on this guy Dr Paul Bain. I was recommended to go see him regarding my 14 year old son, I was told Dr Bain wad Meant to be an expert in this field but I have done my own research and to be honest I read some pretty damaging stuff about him on various forums recently and its made me seriously question whether this guy should even be practising? I also went onto the website of some place he had set up but the webpage is now almost shut down- is this because it has been shut down or its closed down. Can someone help? Or recommend a better person to see.

03-05-16, 09:25 AM
As a prospective patient; just out of interest what bad stuff have you heard about paul bain?

03-16-16, 02:47 AM
I googled him and the only red flag I saw was that in order to find out his rates you have to ask him rather than just posting them on his site.