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11-26-15, 12:35 PM
Pretty much as the title states, my managers think i'm slow. Theres quite a few reasons i suppose somebody would think that. A have a pretty much no confidence, and i love to joke about my short comings to make conversation.

I was hired at walmart to be a stocker, i was pretty fast and motivated for a month or so, then i started to slow down as things got stagnant. I informed my managers when they asked why it takes me so long to learn the placement of item in a new isle. I told her that i have ADHD and she said "That exsplain's alot".
Literally ever since then i've been treated as a special needs. I realize it's a mistake to have told them as clearly they're ill informed of this disorder.

I've asked to be trained on the register, since i don't like to continuous anxiety put on me to perform as a stocker. They've refused to train me and i think it's because they believe i'm "Slow".
Of course i don't i use that term not in a condescending manor, it's just the best way i can express how they're treating me.

Is there anyway i show them that i'm much more intelligent then they believe me to be? It's frustrating because i have a chronic mumbling problem coupled by a lisp, on-top of my lack of impulse control and my weird habits of rubbing my neck in nervous situations.
Nothing personal against them, but growing up in florida and then moving to tennessee, i've noticed people tend to be alot more "Southern" in their way of thinking. Jumping to conclusions based on ignorance, etc.

Anyways, thanks for giving me your time and reading my post :)

11-26-15, 01:59 PM
I kinda understand why they're reluctant to train you on the register; you'd be working with money (lots of money) and you'd be under constant pressure from customers to move extremely fast. I think it's a worse job for an ADHD-er than being a stocker, regardless of intelligence level.

There's no quick way to show them that you're intelligent other than to do your job and hope that someone appreciates it. If you're extremely nervous when talking to managers, you might consider writing your issues in emails. If your writing style is eloquent, you might make a better impression. Also, if you have any ideas on how to improve your job, make sure you tell them. But give it some time- nobody takes any advices from the new guy. And don't joke about your short-comings anymore because it will only emphasize them to others.

11-26-15, 03:21 PM
I agree with Corina86. Register is an absolutely awful job for us ADHDers and you're probably lucky your boss didn't move you there. I myself could never do it and I'm an engineer good at math- it says nothing about your intelligence and I'm not even sure it's a sign your boss thinks you lack intelligent. Not being fast and not being intelligent are two different things.

Could you find a new job (in another company/store) you'd be happy with and be good at? I ask cause it's usually easier to start over with new people than it is to change people's minds about you once they've already gotten to know you. I wouldn't switch jobs all the time but once wouldn't hurt. If you switch, make sure you pick a job you think you can do fairly well at.

If you don't want to start with new people then major improvement in performance is the only way to truly change their minds.

I wouldn't joke about shortcomings either like Corina86 said.

I do talk to myself sometimes too (though I don't mumble all the time). And people notice it and say something to me about it sometimes. And I just say yep, I just talk to myself sometimes in a casual tone and just shrug my shoulders like it's absolutely nothing and just a quirk of being me.

11-26-15, 10:40 PM
Take medication.

11-27-15, 12:41 AM
I really enjoy people and think that the register would not be bad since its third shift and people rarely come in. Also as far as medication goes I'm trying to find a good psychiatrist but without medical insurance it's hard.

11-27-15, 11:55 AM
Seeing some of the stockers at my local stores, I don't think you're alone in working slow, and being less than enthusiastic about your job.

As far as how to perform better, the only way I can think of is to remind yourself of why your job is meaningful/important (e.g. if you don't do a good job, people are going to spend more time shopping and less time with their families)

Maybe find someone to compete with (or compete with yourself)?

Maybe ask your boss to let you wear headphones and play music to help keep you energized and focussed (I used to have a "work mix" CD with a good collection to keep me happy and motivated... I also had a "cycling mix" that had a good variety of tempos to remind me to adjust my speed/effort so I'm not going at one steady pace)

Anything you can do to change your work environment will help keep the job fresh for you (at least for a little while) and you'll likely perform better.

And ultimately, if they're unwilling to let you change jobs within your walmart, maybe start looking for a different job (before quitting your current one) that you know you can do well and get excited about.

For me a good job is less about the work and more about the environment and coworkers. If I have a friendly and supportive bunch it's a much better job than if I'm in a cubicle.

11-27-15, 02:23 PM
Yeah theres no personal electronics of any kind allowed on the floor. I usually just wear a hat and use my bluetooth earpeace covering it with the hat.

On a seperate note, they're moving me to maintenance, which is essentially a janitor. It should be better since i'm not doing the same thing all day, boring the crap out of me. Plus the maintenance manager is cool as hell and were pretty good friends.

Not looking forward to toilets, but pushing a giant broom around and talking to people is not half bad.

11-28-15, 01:39 AM
Cashiers probably think im patronizing when i compliment them.

I can only omagine ADD me on a register. Fairly certain it would be a complete disaster.

11-28-15, 04:12 AM
cash registers were a total disaster for me! i could only handle it if there was literally one customer (i had a couple of part time jobs in the mall).

I feel the same admiration about cashiers and anyone working in the food industry. there are so many jobs that get looked down upon and thats just so wrong. and then i cant even do these jobs in the first place, somehow it makes me feel vaguely guilty.

11-28-15, 12:54 PM
Haha so true. I can't believe how quickly the food people like sandwich artists at subway can switch between 2 customer's sandwiches without missing a beat. And despite how automatic it must be ive never had a guy at chipotle just plop sourcream on my burrito without asking.