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11-26-15, 03:41 PM
Heey, i am MisterShinto.

i have some hard times with my relationships, some tips are welkom :)

I cant control my emotions that well when i am around my girlfrend. Its hard for me to get the timing richt for a hug or a kis, sometimes i mis the signs that she want a kis or a hug from me or that she wants to give me a kis or hug because a random intresting idee pops in to my head.
I dont know when to say somthing, like when i dont like a shurt or somthing. Do i need to say it when i see it for the first time or do i say it when she asks if i like it?

I have one more big problem...
I have some sounds that hurt/annoys me.

1. People who breath heavy. Annoys me realy fast, the sound gives me a bad feeling in my ears.

2. Eating potato chips or hearing people eating it. It hurts my ears and it annoys me realy bad! The sound that it makes when it breaks just sounds painful. I have broken my arm realy bad when i was 14, can that have shomthing to do with it?

3. I cant stand it when someone is on the phone, i cant make sens from half a conversation. It annoys me realy bad, if i know some one is on the phone i go someware ware i cant hear them.

Those are the sounds that are the wurst in a relationship for me.

If you have a tip or a story that can help me post it. :)