View Full Version : Ritalin LA 20mg- metabolized in 4 hours?

11-28-15, 02:55 AM
Has anyone found Ritalin LA to metabolize so much faster than it is supposed to? I just started this med 4 days ago and from the time I first swallow the capsule- it is gone form my system in 4 hours, with the second peak at the second hour.
I am left foggy, with a severe headache and sore muscles.

I started on Ritalin instant release last month and was taking 10 mg every 4 hours. It felt extremely effective but my dr wanted me to try an extended release so I wasn't having to take pills 4x a day. I feel really surprised that the LA is leaving my system just as quickly- except with very noticeable and uncomfortable side effects.

11-29-15, 06:49 AM
Here is my opinion on long acting stimulants: they never last as long as they are supposed to. However even if you do not feel the med working doesnt mean it is not in your system doing something.

11-29-15, 11:52 PM
I appreciate you responding and definitely see your point. I was really surprised at the extreme crashing side effects I had- and a headache for the past week that I've been on it. I feel so frustrated that the short release Ritalin was such a 100% fit and my doctor still insisted on trying the extended release anyway. I've been off the Ritalin LA for 2 days now and still feel the muscle tightness and headache. These meds are no joke.

12-02-15, 03:43 PM
I took the short acting and extended release of Ritalin and had horrible side effects. High blood pressure, high resting heart rate, anxiety, and the comedown was awful. So sleepy!

I switched to Adderall extended release and let me tell you what no side effects. But it still only lasts about 4 hours. At the price it's at I'm better off taking short acing adderral because it last about 3 hours and I can take another dose and be safe. Everyone is different! You might try to switch up your meds if the side effects are good.