View Full Version : Adenosine's Free Verse Experiment (References to mental problems)

11-29-15, 01:38 PM
Attention Deficit

Gasp, gasp for light
Watch your ideas scatter, drowned in fatigue
Dumb intellectual muscle
A mind too sluggish for its own speed

Reach for music, games, aerobic exercise
Seven hundred milligrams of caffeine
Addicted to a worthless drug
Because the treatments are out of reach

Lose grades from depression, lose house keys from excitement
Every emotion infused with a spark of disorder

Headlines of paranoia, cries from the War on Drugs
We'll block your diagnosis
To soothe what's wrong with us

Mechanical biology, surrender to your gift
Shield contest from compassion, a crack resolved
Then when you fail
No blame absolved

Delusions of optimism
A disease of genius, equal in heredity to height
We'll make you Einstein, Tesla, Edison
If you complain, then take this fear, these beatings
More motivation than a gram of Adderall

Attention deficit
Inferior teenage scum, suicidal and withdrawn
We'll burn psychiatry with the rust in your neurons
To soothe what's wrong with us