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11-30-15, 09:36 AM
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90+ lbs. Congrats :yes:

Can you structure me a diet closer to my tastes that will help me with this? I will also be returning to gym so the diet need not be that strict. And I have a little less than that to lose, maybe 70 lbs.

11-30-15, 10:07 AM
Thank you, abs. My best advice is to eat a plant based diet, eliminate meat, dairy, processed foods, and most grains. And forget what you've been taught and made to think is accurate and gospel for daily dietary recommendations. That's what has worked for me.

My days look like this food and drink-wise:

Morning: Hot "tea" with lemon, ginger, stinging nettle, lemon balm, lamb's quarter, catnip, burdock root, mint, or whatever herbal blend I have available and my body is craving; Large amounts of filtered water (at least two large glasses full as soon as I wake up); If I'm feeling hungry as hell or woke up earlier than usual I'll do a juice option which is typically carrot, orange, romaine lettuce or celery, and ginger

11ish am or after: I typically make a smoothie or frozen blend or whatever you wish to call it with frozen bananas and greens of some sort, and spirulina. I used to add a bunch of nuts and seeds, but the fats overwhelm my gut, so I backed off on those. I still add a Brazil nut every other day for the selenium.


Banana Nice Cream - 4 or 5 frozen bananas in a food processor with a little liquid to get it going, then add whatever fruits you like to add to the flavor - date paste tastes sort of like caramel, and carob powder adds a chocolate flavor


Big bowl of fruit - bananas sliced with berries, apples, etc. Always eat melons alone.

Pay close attention to food combining. It makes a HUGE difference. Do not drink while you eat. You screw up the digestive enzymes.

Lunch is usually 2ish or so for me:

Big salad with home made dressing, or zoodles with a home made sauce, or chopped veggies in a big green leaf wrap with a home made mock cheese spread, or mustard, or hummus

Dinner is around 6 or 7ish:

More salad most nights; roasted sweet potatoes, or squash, or beets, or other root veggies and squashes, steamed veggies of some sort, or sauteed greens with garlic, onion, or leeks, and if bread is desired, I make it from leftover pulp out of the juicer into cracker-like treats, or, buy the ezekiel brand sprouted pita pockets at the store

Organic juices are another thing I keep on hand for when I'm too lazy to juice them myself. Organic boxed soups, too, but be careful of the ingredients, many have dairy. Frozen veggies and fruits are much better options than canned.

Introduce the healthier things slowly and pick the ones you like the most so you won't turn yourself against it. It's a mind game with self. Make it fun and it'll stick with ya'.

Transition slowly and don't rush into it by shocking your body. That's where so many peeps mess up then say f*** it, that fruit and veggies stuff made me sick. No it didn't. It's your body adjusting from the food-like substances and trying to eliminate the foreign matter.

What we ingest is important, but even more important is how well we eliminate it. Our bodies have to be fueled with what they recognize and can work with. That's one of the reasons why we stay so swelled up, bloated, and overweight. Our bodies are reacting to the unnatural crap we feed it and slather all over it.

Wishing you luck with whatever you try, and will be glad to help any way I can.

11-30-15, 10:13 AM
Thanks UNSY,

I need to learn to cook.

I'll see what's available at the best grocery stores in town and get back to you.

Maybe we can have a FB chat or something sometime next week.

11-30-15, 10:14 AM
One of the problems for me is with my bipolar/bipolar meds I REALLY need complex carbs or I feel really sick. I eat a lot of rice, pasta and potatoes.

11-30-15, 10:19 AM
Always look for the "ugly" tables in the produce section, too. Remember that eating plant based stuff requires that you let things ripen, or you may experience digestive discomfort.

Most of what they call "ugly" is actually just becoming good and ripe and you can get it at a discount. :) I bought 40 pounds of spotted bananas one day for 5 bucks. I let them get almost black before I peel and freeze them, and I don't eat them until they're covered in spots. That's when they're ripe. The taste difference is amazing to me. If the skin doesn't peel back easily, it isn't ripe.

I'll look for some info to send ya'. Private message me with your email addy so I can start collecting then just shoot them all over to ya' at once.

Get some herbs and seasonings, too. Try to use fresh herbs and the cleanest version of condiments you can find. That stuff is packed with msg and other nasties. A lot of it is easy to make.

11-30-15, 10:24 AM
I'd choose potatoes over pasta and rice......unless you get the quinoa versions or something similar. Rice is like glue once it's inside our bodies. I tried to introduce it back, different versions, and my belly is NOT having it anymore.

I used to eat Chinese food at least once a week and rice in other dishes in between. Pasta, too. Especially angel hair and fettucini. Now I make my version of pasta out of veggies with a spiral slicer and I chop up cauliflower and celery root if I want to make a Spanish "rice" dish or something rice related. (can we make a new thread so we don't keep derailing IC's topic? lol)

11-30-15, 10:33 AM
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