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12-02-15, 01:06 PM
Hi, I have a question.

I have been diagnosed with severe OCD and depression 3 years ago (there was an event in my past which i remembered at that time and the memory caused the OCD) it is mostly obsessions (repeating thoughts about what i did wrong, or what wrong i could do now which led me to seek help in the first place: i even stayed away from my family for a while because i was worried i could harm them, and how i can prevent myself from doing harmful things in the future and so on) and almost no compulsions although i have had some compulsions when i was a child. I have been in a mental clinic for two weeks when it got unbearable. I have been prescribed various different drugs and the only thing that helped me was zyprexa, i am taking 10mg right now (upping to 20mg does not improve my symptoms), SSRIs have no effect on me - my doctors tried everything. Last year i was prescribed valdoxan and after two weeks i felt like the old me (depression-wise), i still had obsessions but they got better the following year, slowly but still. My sleep also improved - i am a very sleepy guy. Only my general well being/happyness went back to being depressive after a few weeks. My doctor put me off of valdoxan last month because i had very high blood pressure and bad liver function readings: increased ASAT and ALAT. My OCD is comming back, but not as worse as it was before taking valdoxan (at least for now) and my sleep is becoming worse every day - i remember how it was before taking valdoxan so it is not a big issue i can cope with it.
Now a different problem: i forget everything within seconds, i cannot follow sentences till the end, i don't read much because it is not fun to read a page and then having to reread it because nothing stuck in my memory, i cannot remember the storyline of movies/series even of the ones that are my favourite, i can barely remember what i learned at uni in the past 4 years (don't ask me about school). I had to quit uni because i have so much troubles following new materials when teachers assume knowledge about things from the previous semesters (which in master studies they do a lot) and i cannot follow complex subjects anymore. I have a BSc in maths so it's not the ends world that i am quiting - it does not make fun anymore anyways. When i am around friends i have nothing to say because my brain is either stuck in obsessions (rarely these days - i have "solved" the underlying issue) or i am trying to remember anything to say but nothing comes to mind. Also procrastination is a very big problem for me. So i was diagnosed with ADHD-I last month, my mother had to fill in a document too for the doctor independently, she basically confirmed that all my ADHD-I symptoms i have now i already had as a child. My doctor is considering putting me on strattera or ritalin. I have read that ritalin worsens OCD symptoms in most patients having both diseases. Now strattera - it is a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor and i haven't read anywhere that it worsens OCD behaviours. Also valdoxan seems to be a "norepinephrine-dopamine disinhibitor" so is it a good idea to try out strattera, since they both attack the same brain chemicals? I really don't want to be that forgetful and always thinking bad stuff guy anymore... will strattera help me with both since valdoxan helped me with the second and strattera should help with the first?
But i am really worried about the sexual side effects of strattera because i already have issues with that due to the zyprexa. My doctor and i have reduced all the medications i am taking right now (zyprexa: 20mg->10mg) and venlafaxin (300mg->150mg) and i plan to get her to reduce the venlafaxin to 0 since i don't think it makes sense to take something that does not have any effect at all.
More questions will definately follow. BIG THANKS FOR READING.

severe OCD with hospitalisation, nothing helps but zyprexa, SSRIs have no effect, life situation: BAD
2 years pass: life situation: a tiny bit better
valdoxan helps with OCD, life situation: ok.
cannot take valdoxan anymore because of liver function tests, life situation: OCD comes back, but still ok.
diagnosed with ADHD-I (sure that i always had it but hinders me in my studies now more than ever -> quit after BSc)
don't want to take ritalin because it induces OCD, what about strattera? valdoxan and strattera both attack norepinephrine so by any chance will strattera help me with both diseases? worried about sexual side effects, do they go away?