View Full Version : Depression Meds with Strattera?

12-02-15, 07:28 PM
I've been diagnosed with severe clinical depression as well as ADHD. Currently, my psychiatrist has me on 300 mg of generic Welbutrin (Buproprion) in the morning for my depression along with 5mg of Brintellix in the evening to improve on my thoughts/clear thinking. I have been thinking about asking my psychiatrist if I can try Strattera. But I wonder... Can I safely take an SSRI like Brintellix while taking Strattera?

I did ask about Strattera last time I was at the doc's office, and she said I could NOT take Buproprion along with Strattera, but my ADHD is VERY severe and I'm thinking that it might be worth going off the Buproprion to try the Strattera. But my question is this: Can I take Brintellix at a therapeutic dose at the same time that I'm taking Strattera? I was hoping that there is some type of anti depressant that I could safely take with the Strattera. It wouldn't make a lot of sense to be super depressed just so I can take something that helps with ADHD. I know that Strattera can help a LITTLE with depression, but my doc told me that it was found to not work very well with depression.

I want to get this ADHD put in check as much as I can. I was diagnosed as a child and I was on Ritalin for a while. I don't remember why (this was about 25 or so years ago) but I was taken off the Ritalin after only being on it for a few weeks. I'm now 41 years old and recently started seeing a therapist and she's fully convinced that I still have ADHD, and after she described my symptoms and told me what the DSM said, I realized that she was dead right about that.

Please help. Thank you so much! :-)

12-02-15, 09:52 PM
Incidentally, I took my first dose of an herbal remedy for ADHD this evening, and I must say that I think there is much more to this than a mere placebo effect. It really seems to be working. It seems to act like a stimulant but at the same time, it's managed to calm me down considerably.

The name of the supplement is called, "Focusene." (It's sold on Amazon as well as a website that Focusene put up). It's got 10 or 11 (can't remember exactly how many ingredients there are) different things in it... So far it's working MUCH better than my generic Welbutrin. The generic Welbutrin did NOTHING for my ADHD. Now I'm wondering if I'll even need to bother with the Strattera.

Has anyone else here tried Focusene? There are some really positive reviews about it on Amazon. Another thing I'm hoping is that it will work long term. According to the manufacturer, it's supposed to start working even better with extended use.

Please do share your experience with this supplement if you've tried it!