View Full Version : Layering meds with Wellbutrin for ADHD-PI

12-03-15, 08:46 PM
Hi, I have been on wellbutrin For a week and a half. I know when I go to my doctor I'm going to request they put me on a stimulant but I have yet to decide what may be best. I have ADHD-PI, anxiety, and moderate depression and the Wellbutrin although effective will most likely not be enough. My anxiety has been through the roof lately and Im trying to figure out what med would be best to layer with the wellbutrin to decrease brain fog and increase attention span as i know Wellbutrin is not a very affective means of treating ADHD in general. If anyone has any suggestions as to what stimulant would be best for a long term treatment I would love to hear suggestions based on experience as I have not found much about layering stims with wellbutrin to treat ADHD-PI/anxiety/depression

12-09-15, 05:14 AM
Well... my doctor switched me off Wellbutrin and does not want to administer Stimulents until my anxiety is under controll so this post is redundant. But I guess anxiety come first :|

12-10-15, 08:35 PM
OK, here's a perspective. You don't have to figure this out ... In fact, that's what doctors are for ... It's your doctor's job to figure this out.

Your doctor is the one who has to give you the prescription anyway ... are you going to a good psychiatrist?

It's fine to do research ... but the way I see it, our job as patients is to describe our symptoms in great detail ... when the med works, what you're feeling, where you're struggling, for how long, etc ... That's what it's good to spend time on, detailing how you're feeling, your symptoms with great precision ... Then you share that with the doctor, who takes that information into account as they make a recommendation treatment.

Good doctors know the subtleties of different meds and how different personalities might respond to different meds ... But if you go into simply requesting a new med, the doctor has no good information to use to make use of their medical education.

Ultimately good treatment is a collaboration between patient and doctor.

Good luck.