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12-07-15, 05:40 AM
Temptations... I'm tempted to waste time and procrastinate, is Desoxyn what I'm looking for? The Desoxyn thread that I participate in has old ads for Desoxyn regarding food temptations and how Desoxyn can help. I wonder if other types of temptations can be helped as well with Desoxyn? I'm on 10 mg Dexedrine Spansule. I have been on 70 mg Vyvanse but something about NOT doing anything at all is just so tempting. Even though I have plenty of things I need to get to but I seem to put them on the back burner and would rather NOT do anything. As if I'm bored or as if NOT getting anything done is more rewarding when I know that getting what I need to do is actually more rewarding.

12-07-15, 01:12 PM
I feel the same way. I'm on 30mg 2x day and it's not working at all. I too am curious about Desoxyn. I have add and I take abilify so I have gained some weight from that. Thought the Adderall would help with that but it didn't. I also tried vyvanse 70mg. Did absolutely nothing. Let me know how you make out.

12-10-15, 11:11 AM
It feels as if dex doesn't feel or stay "fresh" as I take it daily. It feels "fresh" after I stop taking it for a day then back on it again. I had to get off it for a day because of food poisoning that I had to detoxify my self using activated charcoal plus plenty of fluids like cranberry juice to drive out whatever toxins I had eaten at the buffet. So after that day I took Dexedrine again and actually felt "fresh" and motivated. Vyvanse was the same, something about taking a day off from it then taking it back again brings back that "fire" in me. I'm not sure if Desoxyn is more likely stable daily and one may not feel as if on a plateau with their meds that they end up feeling it's useless or it doesn't work that one has to change meds til the "last resort" (i.e. Desoxyn).