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12-07-15, 01:20 PM
My daughter was tested at age 12.3 using the WJ3 TEST.
Can you help me understand her results? School psychologist says testing results indicate ADHD-PI.

Norms based on age 12-3 (her age at time of testing)

1st test

Brief Achievement W:519;RPI:90/90;SS:100
Total Achievement W:510;RPI:86/90;SS:96
Broad Reading W:514;RPI:91/90;SS:101
Broad Math W:500;RPI:64/90;SS:83
Broad Written W:515;RPI:93/90;SS:105
Brief Reading W:521;RPI:93/90;SS:104
Brief Math W:502;RPI:56/90;SS:84
Math Calc Skill W:505;RPI:79/90;SS:88
Brief Writing W:521;RPI:96/90;SS:113
Written Express W:507;RPI:87/90;SS:97
Academic Skills W:527;RPI:95/90;SS:109
Academic Fluency W:500;RPI:80/90;SS:88
Academic Apps W:502;RPI:74/90;SS:89
Letter/word ID W:536;RPI:97/90;SS:111
Reading Fluency W:501;RPI:84/90;SS:93
Calculation W:514;RPI:82/90;SS:94
Math Fluency W:496;RPI:76/90;SS:82
Spelling W:531;RPI:98/90;SS:114
Writing Fluency W:504;RPI:77/90;SS:91
Passage Comp W:506;RPI:83/90;SS:95
Applied Probs W:490;RPI:27/90;SS:81
Writing Samples W:510;RPI:93/90;SS:105

Broad Reading SD:+0.64 (NO)
Broad Math SD:-1.71 (YES)
Broad Written SD:+1.27 (NO)

2nd Test

GIA W:500;RPI:76/90;SS:86
Verbal Ability W:504;RPI:76/90;SS:91
Thinking Ability W:503;RPI:88/90;SS:96
COG Efficiency W:494;RPI:62/90;SS:79
Comp-Knowledge W:504;RPI:76/90;SS:91
L-T Retrieval W:498;RPI:83/90;SS:82
Vis-Spatial Thin W:507;RPI:93/90;SS:105
Auditory Process W:514;RPI:96/90;SS:115
Fluid Reasoning W:495;RPI:66/90;SS:86
Process Speed W:496;RPI:69/90;SS:77
Short Term Mem W:493;RPI:54/90;SS:84
Verb Comp W:491;RPI:49/90;SS:81
Vis-Aud Learning W:493;RPI:74/90;SS:79
Spatial Relation W:502;RPI:87/90;SS:96
Sound Blending W:518;RPI:97/90;SS:111
Concept Form W:500;RPI:78/90;SS:92
Visual Matching W:497;RPI:62/90;SS:77
Number Reversed W:489;RPI:41/90;SS:82
Vis-Aud delayed W:500;RPI:81/90;SS:88
General Info W:516;RPI:92/90;SS:102
Retrieval Fluent W:503;RPI:89/90;SS:98
Picture Recog W:512;RPI:96/90;SS:111
Auditory Attenti W:510;RPI:95/90;SS:113
Analysis-Synthes W:489;RPI:52/90;SS:82
Decision Speed W:496;RPI:75/90;SS:84
Memory for words W:497;RPI:67/90;SS:91

Comp-Knowledge SD: -0.11 (NO)
Process Speed SD: -1.41 (NO)
Short Term Mem SD: -0.83 (NO)
L-T Retrieval SD: -1.01 (NO)
VIS-SPA Think SD: +0.94 (NO)
Auditory proces SD: +2.00 (YES)
Fluid Reason SD: -0.61 (NO)