View Full Version : Mallinckrodt no longer available?

12-07-15, 06:08 PM
I was just informed by my pdoc's nurse that Mallinckrodt stopped selling Dexedrine and pharmacies can no longer order it. Can anyone confirm this? This is devastating news for many of us.

12-07-15, 06:33 PM
Just picked up my script of Malinkrodt dextroamphetamine IR recently with no problem. Not sure about Dexedrine though which is extended release.

12-07-15, 06:49 PM
I just checked out their website thoroughly and there is no mention of it being discontinued.

It still shows up under their products.

You may have misunderstood what you heard as well. Dexedrine brand stopped making IR version a while back and is not available. IR is only available in a generic. Mallinckrodt makes the generic IR which I take. Dexedrine brand still makes the extended release spanuals called Dexedrine. Mallinckrodt makes a generic ER spanual version as well. According to their site it still appears viable.

12-08-15, 03:45 PM
I just special ordered mine not to long ago from my local CVS

12-09-15, 04:21 PM
Greyhound, you're right. I definitely did not misunderstand as I clearly heard the words "no longer available" and "not selling". Either the pharmacist lied because we were bugging him or the nurse misheard him. I was later told that they were going to order the Mallinckrodt for me after my pdoc called the pharmacy himself to tell them why I can't have what they carry. Naturally, I forgot about this thread until now. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Everyone else can breathe now.