View Full Version : Does ADHD affect you with high blood pressure?

12-08-15, 04:18 AM
I have diagnosed with ADHD several years ago,there is nothing wrong with my blood pressure then.But when I graduated from college,I felt extremely headache and found that my blood pressure was abnormally high.With my suspicion,could it be affected by ADHD ?
Do you guys have the problem?

12-08-15, 06:01 AM
ADHD alone does not appear to cause high blood pressure.

However, a number of ADHD-related issues can contribute:
- stress
- anxiety
- smoking or drinking alcohol or using other drugs
- poor eating habits
(to name a few).

In addition, some medications used to treat ADHD can contribute to high blood pressure in some people. This is especially true of stimulants (like amphetamines and methylphenidate), and sometimes also atomoxetine or bupropion.

There are other ADHD medications (guanfacine and clonidine) that are actually used to treat high blood pressure, in addition to their use for treating ADHD. However, these medications tend not to work as well as stimulants in treating ADHD symptoms for most people.

I have high blood pressure, which I believe to be mostly unrelated to my ADHD (except for some indirect influences). I take a stimulant as well as clonidine to treat my ADHD. However, I also take an ACE inhibitor to treat the high blood pressure, because the clonidine did not reduce my blood pressure very much.

You did not mention if you take any medication for your ADHD or blood pressure. Whether or not you take medications now, it would be good to discuss your headaches and high blood pressure with your doctor. Regardless of its cause, high blood pressure is not something you want to leave unchecked.

02-06-16, 11:25 AM
are you also referring to head rush (Orthostatic hypotension) - when standing after sitting for a long time and get the blood in your head?

i agree with Namazu, the stress/anxiety is the thing that causes it. not Adhd itself