View Full Version : Depression?

12-08-15, 10:00 AM
Anybody also have Depression? I heard it's pretty common!

12-08-15, 01:01 PM
Dude this an ADHD website. Of course, we have depression--a lot of us have depression. It comes with ADHD for a high percentage of people. There is a thread on this forum for comorbid conditions (conditions that occur frequently with ADHD) ... and depression is one of those ... as is anxiety.

I get treated for depression and for ADHD, take separate meds for each. And I'm in therapy for depression and for help with coping with ADHD.

So are you being treated?


12-08-15, 04:19 PM
I haven't had a serious bout in a number of years, but it's still something I have to keep a watchful eye on. Severe depression and thoughts of suicide aren't ancient history for me, and I'd rather not go back there.

12-08-15, 10:26 PM
Why don't you tell us a bit more about depression and you ... I assume you're asking about depression because perhaps you've suffered through it ..

Share more, if you will.