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DJ Bill
12-10-15, 11:44 PM
Hey everybody.....I thought I was just a space cadet at times, or I had too much stress going on, or not enough sleep, or....whatever. but the more I read about ADD the more it seems like i need to check it out deeper...but there is something that makes me wonder a bit..

A lot of the books I have read (Most are a few years Driven to Distraction and Dr Amen?'s stuff...) seem to indicate that add had to always have been present for it to be a valid adult diagnosis. For me either I was able to accommodate it as a kid or ?? but over the years the inattention has gotten much worse.

I have always had what I called number dyslexia... when I got to Calculus in high school my math career stopped dead...and a lot of the problems were due to reversing numbers or simple multiplication/addition errors. It was like I would finish a problem, check my math and it all made sense but two days later when I got teh paper back I wondered just why I had decided 3 and 3 was 0 or 5 plus 2 was 3. etc..

Now I am 55 plus and I see myself doing things like driving past exits because I started to think about something between passing the eastbound and the westbound ramp...and searching for words constantly.

Back in my 30's I made a joke of the word having to say you know, the thing you hit nails with because I couldn't think of "hammer". And forgetting peoples names seems to be getting worse as well over the years. It's on teh tip of my tongue and so many people try to finish my sentences that sometimes it is just easier to wait for them to give me a clue who it is I was trying to mention.

You may have noticed I can't type the word "t h e" correctly either. in my world it is typed teh, which I know is wrong but it still comes out that way.

So long story symptoms seem a lot more noticeable the older I get..and when I was a kid I don't remember having a lot of the troubles I have now...

I dont remember losing my place when reading like I do now, or having to reread ten times and still not having a clue what I just read....or losing half of the weather forcast I had just waited around 10 minutes to hear...Or losing myself in the middle of a conversation and saying....derail.. where was I... or worse...what the .... did you just say??

I was seriously thinking I had beginning Alzheimer's but started to reread the ADD stuff and am discovering a reason for a lot of things I have struggled with over the years. I am also remembering a lot of stuff that I realize now was an issue that at the time I thought I was just clumsy, or shy, or socially inept, or just not an athlete...

And projects???? How many would you like? I've got jeeps, bikes, books, hobbies, tools, and two houses in need of "a little work"....

So....did the baseball I was hit with in my junior year of high school, and a brutal face plant on a snowboard at age 35 do more damage than I thought? Or is it just a case of me not seeing the issues as a kid as well as I am now?

Look....a squirrel..:)

In case it makes any diff,currently I am on Welbutrin for depression,which seemed to help a lot for the big d. ( another lifelong struggle).

Thanks for reading..i really didn't intend to type so much but the floodgates opened.

12-11-15, 04:55 PM
TBH I don't buy the whole ADHD since childhood thing, as I think some people could just have a significant reduction in dopamine-signalling from the start which could lower even more when combined with a lot of stress causing anhedonia and adhd-like symptoms. These people would show signs of depression and inattentiveness from early childhood, but not all of the symptoms listed in the DSM V (for most no symptoms would show on the outside, but the person affected would know). If wellbutrin is helping something is definitely off, and I would venture to guess both your depression and inattentiveness could possibly be cured with a stimulant-type of medication.

12-11-15, 05:26 PM
It is present from childhood. If you could remember what you were thinking when you where 5 years old. Because it's genetic.

And I guess as you get older it becomes harder, because life is harder.

12-12-15, 04:01 AM
It is present from childhood. If you could remember what you were thinking when you where 5 years old. Because it's genetic.

And I guess as you get older it becomes harder, because life is harder.

It is present, but it doesn't always show on the outside. If you for instance live in a home where your parents help you out a lot and people have a lot of understanding you aren't going to show the stereotypical signs of ADHD. And because we don't know the exact causes of ADHD it could also be different in different people, consequently causing symptoms to show only in those with the wrong type of brain-chemistry in the wrong kind of environment. :eyebrow:

DJ Bill
12-13-15, 06:25 PM
I did a typical library session for me....Picked up every ADD book I could find (I think there were 6) and read them all in 3 hours. (ok, I skimmed a lot of it) One thing I picked up from the information overload session was that sometimes being bright does allow one to compensate enough to make things seem normal for many years, but there always seems to be a brick wall down the road at some point. For me it was my first year of college. I went from top 10 percent in high school to flunking out of everything in my first semester. There were large hints of what was to come when I barely passed French and Calculus in my senior year, due to abysmal performance on my final exam in each. I couldn't wing it any more.

12-13-15, 08:06 PM
I think sometimes it doesn't necessarily cause impairments in childhood (as they depend a lot on the rnvironment) but as far as I know symptoms need to be present (as per current diagnostic guidelines) at least to an extent before the age of 12. I remember symptoms and impairments roughly starting at age 12 for me and I do doubt my adhd diagnosis a lot even though now I perfectly fit the typical symptom profile.

Having said that personally I can imagine that in the future research might discover something like acquired adhd especially considering that right now it's not really perfectly understood what causes the symptoms or it might discover other issues that cause exactly the same symptoms as adhd and are helped by stimulants as well.

In my case I often wonder if a decade of severe depression could have caused my adhd like symptoms. I know it can damage the hippocampus and cause memory problems so who knows what else it might mess up.

Also I heard recently on a neuroscience lecture on memory and learning that every hit to the head causes a certain amount of brain damage and that these can add up to cause more severe problems.

And yes, as we age a lot of our cognitive functions decline anyway.