View Full Version : Ritalin success, Adderall nightmare

12-11-15, 01:28 AM
I was on ritalin for many years with great success. It seamed to fill fix all my issues with 0 side effects. I weened off all meds for a year to figure out who i was and what was the meds. Unfortunely, I had to start meds again. I have a new psyc and after starting on wellbutrin xl and klonopin with a few positives, i asked to be put back on ritalin. He refused and said it isnt approved for adult add and offered me adderal xr instead. I agreed to try. Unfortunatly it has been 2 wks of hell. Very moody, feeling medicated. Most the time i feel almost sedated. I dont feel as sharp get hyperfocused on small things and have difficulty transitioning to other things. Im unable to make decisions. I have difficulty speaking, unable to get the words out. Im uncoordinated and keep biting my cheeks and tongue while chewing. I feel foggy and disconected most of the time. I do every once and awhile feel quite motivated to get things done and I've stopped procrastinating as much as before. But i feel like pure crap. Does anyone have any advice. I see doc in 3 days and am gonna try to convinve him to put me back on ritalin. Has anyone had this issue. Im so stressed about this and stopped taking the adderall yesterday because it was effecting me so bad.

12-11-15, 03:09 PM
If Ritalin worked for you, maybe you could ask him if he would suggest any other meds that are in the same class of stimulant such as Concerta, Biphentin or Focalin. If you focus on the positive reaction you had, perhaps he will be more open to help you find alternatives. You can also explain to him the effects you had and that Adderall wasn't helping. However chances are he might want to up or lower the doses before concluding that it wasn't for you.