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12-11-15, 11:53 AM
Got a call this morning that my grandkid's father had passed away last night.

He's had Parkinson's for over 10 years and the prognosis wasn't good.

My oldest granddaughter has struggled in school so much that she finally switched to online school last year.

She and her mom just got home from talking to the head of that system and he was wonderful.

Exams are taking place next week and he said that Katlin doesn't have to stress out over taking them.

They will just base her grades on the work she has done this semester.

She may retake a class or two over the summer, but the immediate stress and worry just vanished.

Everyone else has been crying all morning ... but this is what it took to make me cry. ;)

12-11-15, 11:57 AM
I'm so sorry Lunacie. Huge hugs!!! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:

12-11-15, 12:50 PM
I'm glad the head of the online school was understanding and accommodating in this situation -- one would hope "being humane" would be a given, but too often it isn't -- and that K won't have to worry about exams on top of losing her dad.

Condolences to your family.

12-11-15, 01:11 PM
What a horrible mix of emotions to go through. Many hugs to you and her.

12-11-15, 03:48 PM
Luna, my thoughts are with you and your family.:grouphug:

12-11-15, 03:52 PM
Such tragedy always seems to have such horrible timing too. My thoughts are with you, and I'm glad your granddaughter can take the time to greive rather than having to try and study or write exams.

I hope you take good care of yourself too, while you're offering support for them!

12-11-15, 04:01 PM
:grouphug: I'm so sorry for your loss and your kids loss. :grouphug:

12-11-15, 05:35 PM
Thank you so much everyone. :)

At least we expected this, although later rather than sooner.

It turns out he had not told his girlfriend who he was living with that he had Parkinson's.

The oldest, Katlin 17, has gotten support from both the online school and the local school where she takes choir twice a day.

The youngest, Nove 14, is still processing. It may not really sink in until she can see her daddy. She is used to pets passing away and attended the funerals of her other grandparents. So without seeing him, it may not seem real to her.

12-11-15, 05:35 PM
I'm so sorry to hear this Funacie, huge hugs to you all :( :grouphug:

12-11-15, 06:45 PM
sorry for your family'd loss!:grouphug:

12-11-15, 07:11 PM
:) More thanks.

I just had a talk with Nove (who is autistic) about how she may not get to see her daddy at a funeral like she did her other grandma and grandpa since he wanted to be cremated.

I reminded her that we had our Basset Hound cremated after he died and we have his box of ashes still. She said, "Yah, I know. I'm okay with that."

Guess I should stop crossing bridges before I get to them. ;)

12-11-15, 07:18 PM
My heart and prayers go out to you and her. :grouphug:

12-11-15, 08:24 PM

12-13-15, 06:02 AM
Lunacie, I am so sorry for your granddaughters. As an aside, I have to commend you over all. You have shared many times the difficulties you and your daughter have had dealing with the father of your granddaughters and I know that you have been an excellent example of how to not think selfishly and think of them first. It must not have been easy dealing with different rules at dads place and then having them come back into their regular environment and I can only guess as a mom, seeing the difficulty your daughter had with him must have been tough to step back from. But you have done that beautifully. You have shown that you truly think of what is best for your granddaughters and that you can put aside any issues if its for their benefit.

12-13-15, 11:39 AM
Thank you Sarah. I realized that my daughter is the mommy and such decisions are up to her, so I have bitten my tongue many times.

It means some big changes around here, no more child support, no more getting a break from each other every other weekend.

Nove has been spending half a day at Respite Care the weekend she's at home. May see if she's willing to increase that.

The girls are both seeing their therapists on Monday, my daughter says she needs to talk to one of the therapists herself.

Her ex is/was only 4 years older than her daddy was he died, also from a heart attack.

I had a couple of wonderful online friends who helped me work through many of my issues back then, good as any therapist.