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12-12-15, 02:20 AM
Anyone else read it?

Despite the inflammatory title, i think he is kinda trying to redefine ADD...and rename it based on a biochemical rather than symptomatical anomaly. His section on people with low serotonin or high epinephrine in the blood may be the group with ADD. Might it be a suggestion to simply redefine,rename it that then turned into an inflammatory dismissal?

I have read a lot of inflammatory remarks on other pages and seen the book misrepresented in the news. I would appreciate any scientific studies in this open to the potential of the book being inaccurate. I cannot find any problems with this guys reasoning...but i sure as hell am no psychologist

I am researching at the moment but if you know anything that specifically addresses the books claims thatd be great.

12-12-15, 03:50 AM
Those're consequences of the fundamental ADDer problem.
All you have to do is ask why high E, low S occur ?

Markers of anxiety
( - Low
Epinephrine - high

but nobody'd think that it's the nts making an individual anxious.
Give anybody with the capacity to speak a couple of minutes with someone who's anxious - and the actual basis to the anxiety will reveal it itself.

12-12-15, 03:57 AM
So - the question'd be what're ADDers so anxious about ?
To which the answer 'd be living in a world where people like Our'Saul' make silly statements about something or other in order to sell books.


To be clear the basis to ADHD is the need to interact with R. Saul like characters - most of which want money for plastic rubbish which'll break just after the dishourable R.Sauls declare the business bankrupt to invalidate any guarantees they've offered.

12-12-15, 05:05 AM

For my patients ... I recommend that they ... do something they’re passionate about. EXACTLY and IMPOSSIBLE in a world where you have to work for money.

You can't follow a passion if you have to pay into a pension (which we know will not pay out), get onto the housing ladder (which we know will crash at some point soon) or make your way up the career ladder (where you know you're soon to be made redundant).

People need to obtain reward from their daily life - and this is not possible in a global social environment which stipulates that we must earn money in order to survive.

12-12-15, 05:29 PM
I ran into that book while looking for self-help books on ADHD and thankfully I read the reviews.

His opinions are mostly based on scientific ambiguity. He needs a concrete answer in order to see ADHD having logical validity. Given the possible triggers of anxiety (most of them society-based) it's no wonder an ADDer is hard to understand under an NT lens--the chemical imbalance has different subjective results. Plus, it's always easy to convince people of the evils of the pharmaceutical industry and make ADHD look like it's fabricated in order to gain profit--but that can be said for any illness that requires treatment through medication. I just labeled it as hearsay since this needs to be heavily supprted by scientific research, and it's not.

12-13-15, 12:19 AM

The whole ADD debacle is harder for me to parse. The whole Ciba/Novartis and CHADD thing is pretty damning and makes a great do the numerous anecdotes of hasty diagnosis. But the other extreme is the Scientologost anti-psychiatry movement entanglement which seriously tarnishes the credibility of many claims in that vein. Throw in reporting by PBS and NY times giving equal footing to both sides, and tending to favor the anti big-pharma angle for me it is a tough one to parse.

With this guys book he claims it doesnt exist...but creates a category into which current correctly diagnosed ADD folk likely fit into and renames it on a biochemical basis. I would agee that other possibilities that can create ADD symptoms should be carefully looked into...but it seems Saul still has an ADD category...even if he doesn't call it such.

In all seriousness...maybe ADD does need to be renamed to address the root cause and difficulties...i feel ADD is a aint just lack of attention.

Its like that joke...some call it multitasking, i call it ADD. It really makes no sense.